UFC 277 アマンダ・ヌネス vs ジュリアナ・ペーニャ フルファイト リプレイ

UFC 277 アメリカン エアラインズ センター ダラスでのアマンダ ヌネス vs ジュリアナ ペーニャ, テキサス州, アメリカ合衆国 5 round Women’s Bantamweight fight
32-year-old American Julianne Peña has been professionally entering the octagon since 2009. 彼女はブラジリアン柔術で紫帯を持っており、優れた格闘技を持っています。, 良いボクシングと同様に. UFCで 269, Peña created a sensation by defeating Amanda Nunes to become the bantamweight champion.
34-year-old Brazilian Amanda Nunez started her pro career in 2008. She has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a brown belt in judo, and boxing and kickboxing skills. After losing to Peña, Amanda broke a streak of 12 wins.
The outcome of the first duel between the girls shocked the entire MMA world. この戦いで, Amanda will give all her best, wanting to take revenge on her opponent and regain her belt. In this confrontation, the Brazilian will not allow Peña to easily transfer her to the ground and take control.

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