Your boxing training had started.  You might have learned the techniques.  When you are mastering your training, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough.  Of course there are other things to consider.  Are you keen about the boxing ring?  What about the other gears?  Do you have the Best Boxing Gloves?  If you are a newbie in this sport and you want to have the perfect gloves, identify what you need first.  What kind of training are you up to:

-  Bagwork

-  Sparring

-  Competition

Indeed, gloves are the most essential gear inside the boxing ring.  It is therefore important to make the right pick prior training and match.  As there are flourishing boxing champions, some reveal their secrets in boxing and along with these are the kind, type, and brand they use.  These types and kinds of boxing gloves look exactly the same but actually, they differ in paddings, fit, and even kinds.  You cannot fail your self from training more so at the real boxing event.

Size and type of the Boxing Gloves

This is dependent on your purpose and your body weight.  Check out the recommended size of boxing gloves as per body and weight basis.  This is actually the general size of boxing gloves:

-  Below 120lbs                      12oz or 14oz

-  12olbs – 150lbs                  14oz – 16oz

-  150lbs – 180lbs                  16oz – 20oz

-  180lbs and up                    18oz and up

The Sparring Gloves

These are extra padded to protect your opponent from hurting them.  It would be ideal if you spar with an opponent of your weight range.  The widely used sparring gloves start at 16oz up.

The Competition Gloves

These are used during a boxing competition.  In amateur competitions, the boxing gloves must be approved for the said competition while in professional competition, they use smaller gloves.  These are less padded to give a hurting blow.  The trainer knows the standard boxing gloves used.

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Right Gloves

  1. The old school style bag gloves are lighter and will not really protect your hands.
  2. Get the ones with proper fit.  To determine if your gloves are well fitted, see if these snug when you put on some hand wraps.
  3. Check on the hand protection.  It is important that your hands and wrists are well protected.  Usually, the 14oz branded gloves offer more protection than a regular 16oz.
  4. Try on many different boxing gloves from famous boxing gyms.

There are online boxing glove companies ready to fill you up with details on the kinds, prices, and types of gloves available for purchase.  If you want the perfect ones, get the help from them.  Stand with determination and bring the air of winning when you have everything you need at every fight.  Try getting quotes and make sure to compare them.  Always remember to only consider the choices that will give you the advantage.  Some boxing gloves deliver the items.  Other companies will ask for you to pick up the items.  Just make the right choice.