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On February 21, 2015 Gennady Golovkin fought Marin Murray at Salle des Étoiles, Monte Carlo, Monaco for the following titles
WBA Super World middleweight title (supervisor: Gilberto Jesus Mendoza)
Interim WBC World middleweight title (supervisor: Mauricio Sulaiman)
International Boxing Organization World middleweight title

Gennady Golovkin vs Martin Murray Alternative Video

Fight Highlights: Murray down 2 times in round 4 and once in 10th round

Gennady Golovkin vs Martin Murray Round by Round
Round 1 – Golovkin started the fight with his left jab, Murray covering up up very well, Body shots by Murray, Golovkin answered by with right straight, Overhand right landed for Murray, Murray hugs after he throw his punch.

Round 2 – Golovkin landed a left jab and right straight, Murray landed a over hand right followed by body shot combinations. Golovkin answered back with left jab right and left hook to the body combination, Murry trying to spoil Golovkins offense using hugging tactics, Golovkin landed a right to the head and body.Murray responded with left right, Golovkin diggs the body with left hook, counter left hook landed for Golovkin followed by right uppercut before the round ends.

Round 3 – Golovkin started the round landing a hard right hook to the body, Murray landed a 1-2 combination, 1-2 combo by Golovkin, left hook to the body and head landed for Golovkin, both guys exchanges 1-2 combo, hard right hook landed for Golovkin followed by left hook, Murry ties up Golovkin, Golovkin landed hard left hooks to end the round.

Round 4 – Golovkin started the round with 3 punch combination, Golovkin continue to attack but Murray landed a counter right to stop Golovkin momentarily, right – left hook landed again for Golovkin followed by another left hook right uppdercut, Low blow by Murray referee warns him, Hard right landed for Golovkin snaps Murray’s head back, Golovkin landed a right hook to the body and down goes Murray, Combination by Golovkin followed by hard right hand that sent Murray down again for the 2nd time in the fight. Murray survived the round.

Round 5 – Golovkin started landed a left hook to the body, Golovkin chases Murray down hitting him with head and body combination, Murray landed 1-2 but it has no effect on Golovkin, Golovkin continue to punish Murray with head and body shots,Murray bleeding to the nose.

Round 6 – Golovkin landed 1-2 combination, Murry responded with bodyshot, hard right straing laded by Golovkin, hard right hook landed for Golovkin followed by left hook to the body, left uppder cut by Golovkin followed by hard right to the body, Murry’s nose started to bleed again.

Round 7 – Golovkin landed a right hook, bodyshot landed for Murray, Hard right hook landed for Golovkin, Murray taking a beating but fighting back, Golovkin landed hard left hooks another hard left hook landed followed by hard right hand.

Round 8 – Right hook to the body landed for Golovkin, Combination laded for Murray, Golovkin keeps pressuring Murray, Golovkin laded hard head and body shots, Murray lading some punch combo but it has no effect on Golovkin, Golovkin finished the right strong and heavy left right punch to the head and body.

Round 9 – Golovkin landed left to start the round, Murray starts to move away but Golovkin continue to pressure him, every Murray stops moving he receives heavy punch combinatin from Golovkin, Golovkin continue to punch Murray to head and body, Murray’s has no effect to Golovkin.

Round 10 – Golovkin started the round with left uppercut, Murray landed combinations, hard right hook landed for Golovkin,left hook by Gennady, Left right combinaiton by Murray, Hard left hook by Golovkin followed by right straight, before round ends Golovkin landed a hard right hand and down goes Murray again for the 3rd time in the fight.

Round 11 – Golovkin landed a right hand to start the round, Golovkin cornered Murray on the ropes and Golovkin takes advantage and throws heavy combination to the head and body, Golovkin landed  hard right hand that hurt Murray, referee have seen enough and stops the fight

Gennady Golovkin out powered  Martin Murray in this fight,  Murray have landed some goods shots but Golovkin takes them well, This is the  19th straight TKO win for Golovkin and improves his record to 32 wins and 29 of these wins are coming by  way of Knock Out. After win Julio Caesar Chavez Jr calls out Gennady Golovkin and says he will knock out Golovkin

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