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September 26, 2015 Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas at Legacy Arena, Birmingham, Alabama for the WBC World heavyweight
Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas Fight Replay

Deontay Wilder once again proved his metal on Saturday night after a brutal beating of Johann Duhaupas at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. With the crowd of 8,471 people shouting for him, Wilder, who is from Alabama kept on pounding the Frenchman round after round. But Duhaupas who took a dreadful beating did not throw in the towel & stayed in the battle until the fight was stopped in the 11th round. The referee Jack Reiss had to step in & stop the fight during the 11th round when Wilder delivered a flurry of unanswered uppercuts. Duhaupas managed to stay on his feet, but he did not really have much left in the tank. Duhaupas had to earlier survive similar onslaughts from Wilder in the 5th & 10th rounds.

After this win Wilder has improved to 35-0 (34 KOs) for his career while the Frenchman now has a 32-3 (20 KOs) record. Wilder,29 is 5 years younger than Duhaupas & is the taller of the two. His longer reach came in handy during the bout. This was the first time Duhaupas was fighting in the United States & it also turned out to be his first KO defeat. This bout was the first heavyweight title bout to be on NBC in prime time for 30 years . Wilder managed to connect 326 of his 587 punches which equals to a connect percentage of 56 percent. Duhaupas on the other hand managed to land just 98 punches out of the 332 that he attempted which means he had a 30 percent connect percentage. The fact that Wilder was able to have such a high connect percentage suggests that the Frenchman’s defence was a bit susceptible & that he should have used a bit more head movement.

Duhaupas did manage to show some moments of spark in the bout, in the second round he managed to cause a swelling under the left eye of Wilder. Duhaupas, the fourth fighter from France to fight for a heavyweight title was cut on the bridge of his nose after being hit by a firm right hand from Wilder in the first round itself. He kept on taking punches from Wilder without flinching. During the fifth round Wilder caught Duhaupas against the ropes & unleashed a series of uppercuts. He started to feel more & more confident & pulled out the Ali shuffle during the sixth round. Duhaupas was warned after the sixth round by the referee & he did try to put in some more effort in the following rounds. But, things did not alter much & he was absolutely smashed in the tenth round. In the eleventh round Wilder could smell blood & was finally able to finish the match.

All in all the bout “Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupass” was pretty much onsided, but it was an enjoyable one as Duhaupas showed that he is not one to give up easily & Wilder proved that he is the worthy champion.

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