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Daniel Jacobs vs Jarrod Fletcher Fight Replay

It took Daniel Jacobs 5 rounds to figure out Jarrod Fletcher for him to win the vacant WBA middleweight title. 1st round jacobs picks his spots nicely and scores 2 knockdowns that should of ended the fight but the Australian refused to quit. Fletcher managed to show a lot of heart to finish the round. […]

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Luisito Espinosa Career Fight Videos

List of Luisito Espinosa’s Televised Fights 2002-10-11 Zahir Raheem vs Luisito Espinosa 1999-05-15 Cesar Soto vs Luisito Espinosa II 1998-11-28 Kennedy McKinney vs Luisito Espinosa 1998-08-15 Luisito Espinosa vs Juan Carlos Ramirez 1997-12-06 Luisito Espinosa vs Carlos Rios 1996-11-02 Luisito Espinosa vs Nobutoshi Hiranaka 1996-03-01 Luisito Espinosa vs Alejandro Gonzalez II 1995-12-11 Luisito Espinosa vs […]

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Rodel “Magnum Force” Mayol Career Fight Videos

List of Rodel Mayol’s Televised Fights 2012-09-22 Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr vs Rodel Mayol 2012-05-13 Julio Cesar Miranda vs Rodel Mayol 2010-02-27 Rodel Mayol vs Omar Nino Romero I 2009-11-21 Edgar Sosa vs Rodel Mayol 2009-09-12 Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol II 2009-06-13 Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol I 2007-08-04 Ulises Solis vs Rodel Mayol […]

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Marvin Sonsona Career Fight Videos

Complete List of Marvin Sonsona Televised Fights 2014-06-07 Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Marvin Sonsona II 2014-02-22 Akifumi Shimoda vs Marvin Sonsona 2010-02-27 Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Marvin Sonsona I 2009-11-21 Marvin Sonsana vs Alejandro Hernandez 2009-09-04 Marvin Sonsana vs Jose Lopez 2009-05-28 Marvin Sonsana vs Wandee Singwancha 2008-09-14 Marvin Sonsana vs John Naimes 2008-07-19 Marvin Sonsana vs […]

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