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Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Fight Replay HBO Coverage

Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan As It Happend

The two fighters went head-to-head in Las Vegas on Sunday morning. Amir Khan, the British international met the highly-rated Mexican Canelo Alvarez in what is indisputably his biggest fight in his career. It was the first time the duo is meeting in their career. Below is the full coverage of the fight as it happened?
First round.

The fight begins in a cheerful way as the crowd fills the air with cheers. Canelo is unanimously cheered.
Khan starts the fight by throwing several punches and luckily one hit the target, a good start for him. Canelo a patient fighter, counterpunched just before the end of the round. However, Khan wins it.
Second round.
Canelo starts this time with a heavy punch, but is unlucky to begin the round with a catchy as Khan dodges it easily. The Mexican makes another quick successive blow, but misses Khan and he unfortunately slips.
Khan is quick to take the advantage and counters him with speedy blows but nothing comes out of it. They exchange several blows in the ring and finally settled with jabs. So far Khan looks more aggressive though he exposes himself so much when he makes quick punches. Towards the end of the round, Canelo receives a blow to give the Brit another impressive win.
Third round.
From the corner, Canelo is cautioned by his trainer to pay attention to Khan’s quick moves. Khan leads so far and he starts the round again with his aggressive mobility. He soon catches Canelo with a quick left blow. Multi-blow bursts catches Khan on the face, but Mexican remains the one walking through the attacks. Speed seems a great problem to him. Khan wins the round once more.
Fourth round.
The Mexican comes close to his opponent and throws a heavy blow of the fight to his body. Khan’s counterpunch catches Canelo off-guard, thanks to his hand speed which continues to give Canelo big problems. Though Canelo is punching wildly, Khan is avoiding them with ease. Canelo is hit on the head with three successive punches and decides to give Khan little space. Khan misses a heavy punch to the head as Canelo turns with both shots. With little space for Khan, he is countered well.
Fifth round.
Canelo just throws a nice left punch, but Khan shakes it off easily as he sways, was aiming his head. Khan is stable again and Canelo chases after him. This is a wonderful round. Canelo continues with his wild blows, but quick counters are mercilessly catching his head. It is a close round and each one is doing a great job to win it. There is an exchange of several punches in the ring, but seems to be a winner again in this round.
Sixth round-knockout.
The round starts with incredible turn missing as Khan comes towards Canelo but he is keeping him out of range. He is trying to be cautious about his speed. Finally Khan catches the Mexican on the ear and too gets a counterpunch on the hip. Just 60 seconds to the end of the decisive round, Canelo bombs the Briton with huge blows. One catches Khan’s head and it actually hurt him. Then, with one huge blow, Canelo bombs right to Khan’s face and it is over. The Mexican throws his opponent to the ground to earn himself a history of his lifetime.
Canelo Alvarez wins the fight in an incredible manner. With his poor start, no one thought he could make it. Khan was too quick and aggressive, but thanks to Canelo’s patience, it finally earned his history.

Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Weigh In Results:
Saul Canelo Alvarez: 155 lbs
Amir Khan: 155 lbs

Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez Fight

Controversy sparked by the announcement of Saul Alvarez vs Amir Khan boxing match Alvarez has the skills and size – power advantage against his opponent but in terms of speed Amir Khan possess one of the  fastest hands in boxing today although he does not have a one punch knock out power his footwork will be one of his key in the match.

This fight will be at stake for Amir Khan, who couple time ago just rising class of light-welterweight, and without warm-up matches in advance directly challenge WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. A brave decision of Amir Khan.

The Golden Boy Promotions headed by the Golden Boy itself  Oscar De La Hoya claims that this is biggest fight in boxing this year. He said, Canelo has proved its capacity as the famous boxer when he overthrew James Kirkland and Miguel Cotto. As for Khan, he has won his last five fights and is in top form in his career. Surely prestige both fighters will also be at stake.

Earlier, the President WBC Mauricio Sulaiman frustrated with the attitude of Saul Canelo Alvarez are reluctant to serve Gennady Golovkin. The fight both fighters, into a mandatory fight, and if Canelo reluctant to do, Solomon also threatened to remove the title. It was understandable after Canelo Alvarez instead decided to fight Amir Khan as his opponent, and is still in question causes Canales did not fight with Golovkin after beating Miguel Cotto, which is already a part of the deal after beat Miguel Cotto.

However this will be very exciting match, Amir Khan is the new class entrants will be against the defending champions, both fighters have set up their strategy, but many predicted Canelo would win this fight , but who knows Amir Khan unexpected strategies? He is quick, because the weight is lighter than Canelo, he can imitate the style of fighting Mayweather, who is agile capable of defeating Canelo some time ago, Canelo also, in the last interview he also suspect, style of khan, will be the same as the style of Mayweather when beating him, and he well experienced abou that and ready to ward off the fast blow by khan.. Of course, very exciting to see who is really going to be a champion, they can not be underestimated, despite predictions choose one of them, but anything can happen on the boxing ring, the words that suitable for this match is simply unpredictable.

I don’t think Amir Khan is capable of defeating Canelo Alvarez by Knock Out he just don’t have the punching power to do it but maybe he can outpoint Alvarez by boxing smartly. In the part of Canelo Alvarez he is capable of winning this fight either by Knock Out because he has the power and size advantage or by Decision, Alvarez also have the skills to go on for the whole 12 rounds like when he defeated Puerto boxing star Miguel Cotto.

My prediction: Canelo Alvarez will win this fight by Knock Out

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