Boxing also referred to as pugilism or the gentleman’s sport, because of its combative nature, is a contest of strength, reflexes and endurance where two opponents engage each other through punches usually in gloved hands. Professional bouts (fights) which are usually longer than amateur bouts have rounds ranging from ten to twelve rounds. Unlike amateur boxing, headgear is not allowed in professional fights. A technical knockout(K.O) is awarded in the event that a fighter lands a punch that opens a cut on his opponent thus been deemed not fit to carry on by a doctor because of the cut.Cutmen are therefore employed to treat cuts in between rounds so that the fighter can carry on despite the cut. If a boxer quits or his corner stops the fight then a K.0 victory is also awarded. Contrary to amateur boxing, professional male boxers have to maintain a bare chest.

pacquiao vs mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. “money” vs. Manny Pacquiao “pac-man” has already earned its title as “Fight of the Century” in the upcoming match between the five-division world champion and eight-division world champion respectively slated for May 2nd, 2015 venue being MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mayweather who stands at 5ft 8 in tall and weighs in at 147 lb. uses the Orthodox style stance which involves positioning the feet and hands in combat sports such as karate and martial arts. The boxer places his left foot in front of the right therefore placing his weaker side closer to the opponent. It favors the stronger dominant right side therefore mostly used by right-handed boxers.

Pacquiao who stands at 5ft 6.5 in tall and weighs 147lb employs the southpaw stance which is a mirror-image of the orthodox stance. The boxer guards and jabs with the right-hand.Pacquiao is the No.2 ranked pound-to-pound WBO welterweight champion and faces the No.1 ranked pound-to-pound Unified WBA,WBC,The Ring welterweight and light middleweight champion.

The fight could rake $400 million with Floyd taking the lion’s share in the 60-40 money split. In addition to having his name at the beginning of the fight bill,”Mayweather-Pacquiao”,he will be introduced as second and have his choice of the ring corner as well as the locker room. Both Floyd and Pacquiao shall wear 8 oz. gloves with brands of their own choosing. Mayweather will wear Grant gloves while Pacquiao shall wear red Cleto Reyes gloves. Both have agreed to USADA Olympic-style drug testing. In place of the current belt is a newly created $1 million belt with thousands of emeralds instead of the gold plating for the center logo. It also contains both the faces of Floyd and Pacquiao alongside former WBC president, Jose Sulaiman and legend Mohammed Ali.

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