Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez Full Fight Replay

Września 19, 2017 Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Canelo Alvarez at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas for the following titles
IBF World Middleweight Title
International Boxing Organization World Middleweight Title
WBA Super World Middleweight Title
WBC World Middleweight Title

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin Fight Replay

Okrągłe 1
Golovkin started the round with jab, Canelo using his feet and moving away from Golovkin, Bodyshot landed for Canelo, Golovkin continue to jab, right hand landed by Canelo, Golovkin outlanded Canelo with jabs in this round.

Okrągłe 2
Golovkin started throw jabs, jab to the body landed by Canelo, Jab landed by Golovkin Canelo answered back with left hook, bodyshot by Canelo, double jabs by Golovkin, good bodyshot by strong left hook by Golovkin.

Okrągłe 3
Golovkin jabs once again combination by Golovkin, Bodyshot landed by CAnelo, right ot the head by CAnelo, Left hook by Golovkin, couble jabs by Golovkin, left to the body by Canelo, left hook by Canelo, Left hook by Golovkin, left hook by GolovkinCanelo outboxed Golovkin in this round.

Okrągłe 4
Left hook landed by Golovkin , Canelo answered by with combination, hard left hook to the body by Golovkin, Good bodyshot by Canelo, Hard right by Golovkin followed by right to the body, hard jab by Golovkin right to the body by Canelo. Hard right by Golovkin good righ by Canelo. Golovkin takes this round

Okrągłe 5
Right to the head landed by Golovkin, left jab by Canelo, Uppercut land for Golovkin, body shot by Canelo left hook by Golovkin, double jabs by Golovkin, Right to the head by Canelo Hard right by Golovkin, Body punches by Golovkin another right by Golovkin right jab Canelo to end the round

Okrągłe 6
Body punch by Canelo, jabs by Golovin, left hook for Golovkin, right hand by Golovkin, Combination by Golovkin while Canelo was on the ropes, 1-2 landed by Canelo,

Okrągłe 7
Jabs by Golovkin, Hard right by Golovkin, another Hard right by Golovkin, Canelo dancing away, Golovkin working on the body another hard right by Golovkin hard jab by Golovkin, hard uppercut by Canelo

Okrągłe 8
double jab followed by hard right landed for Golovkin, hard right by Canelo, good jab by Golovkin, Bodyshot by Canelo, double jab hard right by Golovkin, Good bodyshot by Golovkin.

Okrągłe 9 Hard right by Golovkin stunned Canelo, Golovkin is pressuring Canelo now, jabs by Golovkin, right by Canelo, another jabs by Golovkin left hook by Golovkin double right by Golovkin, Golovkins jab is the big difference in this fight.

Okrągłe 10
Hard jabs by Golovkin, Head ang body combinaiton by Canelo Huge shot by Canelo stunned Golovkin, Hard right hand by Canelo, Hard right by Golovkin left hook by Golovkin, jab jab right hand by Golovkin, another right by Golovkin, Golovkin taking all the best shots of Canelo, Combination by Golovkin, Bodyshot by GolovkinGood start by Canelo but Golovkin finish the fight strong.

Okrągłe 11
Hard right landed by Canelo, double jab by Golovkin, bodyshot by Canelo, jab right hand landed for Golovkin, Hard jab by Golovkin, Hard right hand by Canelo, Golovkin walk thru everything Canelo throws jab hard right landed by Golovkin, another hard right hand by Golovkin. Hard uppercut by Golovkin. Very close round but Golovkin is the agressor

Okrągłe 12
Big right hand landed by Canelo, Combination by Alvarez, hard shots by Golovkin backs Canelo up, hard right by Golovkin, jab by Golovkin, uppercuts by Canelo, uppercut by Golovkin, Combination by Golovkin.

Its a brillant rally by Canelo Alvarez for the last three rounds Harold leather scored the fight 112-116 for Golovkin

Official Judges Scores
Adalaide Byrd 110-118 Canelo
Dave Moretti 115-113 Gołowkin
Don Trella 114-114 Draw

Wynik walki: Split Draw Gennady Golovkin keeps all the belts

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