Milan Melindo vs Akira Yaegashi Full Fight Replay

May 21, 2017 Milan Melindo vs Akira Yaegashi at Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan for the IBF World light flyweight title
Milan Melindo vs Akira Yaegashi Fight Replay

Filipino Milan’El Methodico’ Melindo fought Akira Yaegashi for the IBF World light flyweight title this is the 3rd title shot for the Filipino 1st was the fight against Francisco Estrada which he lost by Decision another one is against Mexican Javier Mendoza and which he lost again by technical decision this time around Melindo wasted no time and stopped Japanese Champion Akira Yaegashi in the very first round.

Milan landed left hook followed by right combination and down goes Akira for the 1st time in the fight the Japanese beat the count and continue, Melindo landed another hard left hook followed by five punch combination and down goes the Japanese fighter for the second time in the fight Akira once again beat the count, Melindo goes for the kill Milan landed left jab followed by hard right to the face of Yaegashi 3rd time the Japanese goes down and the fight is over.

Milan Melindo is now the new IBF World light flyweight champion Another victory and another champion for the Filipinos.

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