Mercito ‘No Mercy’ Gesta Knock Outs Highlights

List of Mercito Gesta’s Televised Fights

2014-07-18 Mercito Gesta vs Luis Arceo

2014-04-11 Mercito Gesta vs Edgar Riovalle

2012-12-08 Mercito Gesta vs Miguel Vazquez

2012-08-03 Mercito Gesta vs Ty Barnett

2012-04-14 Mercito Gesta vs Oscar Cuero

2011-11-11 Mercito Gesta vs Ricardo Dominguez

2011-09-17 Mercito Gesta vs Manuel Perez

2010-10-22 Mercito Gesta vs Ivan Valle

2010-08-20 Mercito Gesta vs Genaro Trazancos

2009-05-21 Mercito Gesta vs Alain Hernandez

2004-12-10 Mercito Gesta vs Edwin Picardal II

2003-10-19 Mercito Gesta vs Edwin Picardal 

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