Marvin Sonsona Career Fight Videos

Complete List of Marvin Sonsona Televised Fights

2014-06-07 Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Marvin Sonsona II

2014-02-22 Akifumi Shimoda vs Marvin Sonsona

2010-02-27 Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Marvin Sonsona I

2009-11-21 Marvin Sonsana vs Alejandro Hernandez

2009-09-04 Marvin Sonsana vs Jose Lopez

2009-05-28 Marvin Sonsana vs Wandee Singwancha

2008-09-14 Marvin Sonsana vs John Naimes

2008-07-19 Marvin Sonsana vs Jerome Bontog

2007-07-07 Marvin Sonsana vs Richard Donaire

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