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April 23, 2016 Mark ‘Magnifico’ Magsayo vs. Chris ‘Hitman’ Avalos at Cebu City Sports Complex, Cebu City, Cebu for the vacant WBO International featherweight title
Mark Magsayo vs. Chris Avalos Fight Replay

Mark Magnifico Magsayo captured the vacant WBO International by TKO in the 6th round against veteran Mexican fighter Chris Avalos

Round 1 Avalos used his experience and have easily won the round but in round two Magsayo landed a uppercut that stunned Avalos, Mark Magsayo throw in more punchers but Chris survived the round.
In round Three Chris Avalos returned the favor by knocking down Mark Magsayo with a double left hook Magsayo was hurt but he holds on and survived the round.
Round 4 was very close both fighters are landing these shots Mark Magsayo fully recovered in this round.

Round 5 Mark Magsayo landed a counter right hook to the jaw of Avalos in the dying seconds of the round. Mark throw more hard punch combinations which really hurt Chris Avalos so bad but once again Avalos survived the round.I just thought they are going to stop the fight but to my surprise Avalos comes out in round 6.
Round 6 begins and Avalos still in wobbly legs as Magsayo tried to land wild single punch to end the fight but he missed then finally he landed another left hook followed by right straight and Avalos got stunned again Mark Magasayo wasted no time and throw more combination referee forced to stop the fight because Avalos just can’t defend himself anymore also Avalos corner throws in the towel.

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