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On April 18, 2015 Julio Chavez Jr. fought Andrzej Fonfara vacant at StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA for the WBC International light heavyweight title

Fight Highlights: Fonfara deducted 1 pt for use of shoulder rd 7. Chavez down in rd 9.
Julio Chavez Jr. vs Andrzej Fonfara Fight Replay

Shobox Chavez versus Fonfara results: Fonfara drops Chavez Jr.
Fonfara drops Chavez Jr. who then stops on stool

Andrzej Fonfara and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tried their hardest to match the energy of Matthysse-Provodnikov at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles California. They didn’t attain to very those statures, however it was a heck of a decent battle.

The battle was challenged at a 173-pound catchweight. That is two pounds not exactly Fonfara’s characteristic 175-pound weight point of confinement and a great deal more than the 160-pound weight class where Chavez has had the lion’s share of his prosperity.

Andrzej Fonfara (27-3, 16 KO) came to Carson, California, to win, and that is precisely what he did in giving Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (48-2-1) the second loss of his second profession. Fonfara secured a prevailing ninth-round TKO when Chavez Jr. requested that his corner stop the battle between rounds, every the understanding of Showtime’s Felix De Jesus.

At first, the master Chavez swarm at the StubHub Center was none excessively content with the declaration that the battle was being halted. They were likely under the feeling that the choice originated from the specialist or official.

Chavez didn’t precisely make himself affable right on time as he grumbled unremittingly to the ref about everything from Fonfara pushing down on his head (in the wake of putting it directly under his arm to be pushed) to headbutts (regardless he could call his own harsh head situating strategies). Still, he was aggressive with Fonfara in the early phases of the battle, exchanging rounds and punches with him. By the center of the session, notwithstanding, Fonfara appeared to have discovered his reach, and his cadence.

He popped Chavez more than once with short punches, not taking a seat on them but rather putting sufficiently just compel into each to snap Chavez’s head back, while keeping them sufficiently quick to be tossed in automatic rifle mix. Fonfara lost a point for an unpleasant shoulder knock in the seventh, which didn’t generally bode well considering the way that Chavez was crashing into him with brow and shoulder throughout the night, yet he recouped honorably, went ahead to win a 9-9 round, and afterward dropped Chavez only two rounds later without precedent for his vocation.

Fonfara utilized his length and size to control the battle from the earliest starting point of the session. Whether it was within with sharp and exact uppercuts to the head and body or on the outside with an unfaltering and predictable punch, Fonfara basically rebuffed Chavez without respite.

Fonfara has assembled three straight great exhibitions. He had his minutes in thrashing against Stevenson. Fonfara then effortlessly won a consistent choice over Doudou Ngumbu in Novemeber 2014 preceding Saturday night’s win.

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