Jason Quigley TKO Greg McCoy in 1


Jason Quigley TKO Greg McCoy in  Round 1

Golden Boy prospect Jason Quigley (2 Wins 2 defeats) from Donega, Ireland defeated Greg McCoy (3 Wins 3 defeats) from New Haven CT in the 1st round by way TKO

Both fighters started to trade punches in the begging of the round, Quigley started to land his power punches especially his left hook and using in and out movement as a defensive tactic to stay away from McCoy’s shots, Quigley landed a powerful combination of left hook and right straight to the jaw that sent Greg McCoy to the cavas.McCoy stayed down and could not beat the cout official time was 2 minutes and 39 seconds in the 1st round. Jason Quigley improves his record to 3 wins all by KO while McCoy fell down to 3 wins and 4 defeats.

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