On September 28th, boxing fans around the world will be watching as two of the top Light Heavyweight boxers battle it out in a highly-anticipated match. Arthur Beterbiev and Anthony Yarde have had a long history of back and forth leading up to this bout, and they are both looking to prove themselves as one of the best in the division. In this article, we’ll break down their respective career paths, skillsets and strategies going into the fight.

Introduction to the Fighters: Arthur Beterbiev and Anthony Yarde

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In just a few short days, two of the world’s premier light heavyweights will square off in what promises to be an epic battle. On one side is undefeated Russian knockout artist Arthur Beterbiev, who has stopped all 13 of his professional opponents. On the other side is British power puncher Anthony Yarde, who has scored 11 knockouts in his 13 pro wins.

This fight has all the makings of a classic clash of styles. Beterbiev is a patient and methodical fighter who likes to wear down his opponents with a relentless attack. Yarde, on the other hand, is a more explosive fighter who looks to end the fight with one big shot.

The winner of this fight will likely be determined by who can impose their will on the other. If Beterbiev can keep Yarde at bay with his jab and body shots, he should be able to take control of the fight and win by decision. However, if Yarde can catch Beterbiev with one of his big shots, it could be lights out for the Russian.

No matter what happens, this promises to be an exciting fight between two of the best light heavyweights in the world today.

Arthur Beterbiev’s Background & Fighting Style

Arthur Beterbiev, born in 1985, is a Russian professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in two weight classes, including the IBF light heavyweight title since 2019. He has an undefeated professional record of 15 wins, with all of his wins coming by way of knockout.

Beterbiev was an accomplished amateur boxer, representing Russia at the 2005 World Championships and winning a gold medal at the 2006 European Championships. He turned professional in 2007, and won his first eight fights by knockout. In 2013, he fought for and won his first world championship, the WBO International light heavyweight title. He defended this title twice before vacating it to fight for the vacant IBF light heavyweight title in 2015. After winning this title, he successfully defended it three times before vacating it in 2019 to move up to the heavyweight division.

Beterbiev is known for his aggressive fighting style and powerful punching ability. He typically looks to apply pressure from the start of a bout and overwhelm his opponents with a barrage of punches. His preferred method of attack is to go straight down the middle with his punches, which makes him particularly dangerous when fighting against taller opponents like Yarde.

Anthony Yarde’s Background & Fighting Style

Anthony Yarde was born in Hackney, London on July 27, 1990. He grew up in a tough neighbourhood and was often involved in street fights. It wasn’t until he was 17 that he took up boxing, joining his local gym.

Yarde quickly progressed through the amateur ranks, winning numerous titles including the English Amateur Championships and representing Great Britain at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He turned professional in 2013 and has since compiled a record of 18-0 with 17 knockouts.

Yarde is a tall (6’3″) and rangy boxer-puncher who likes to operate at range and pick his shots. He’s an aggressive fighter who likes to come forward and press the action. He has good hand speed and power, especially in his left hand which is his best punch. Yarde isn’t the most technically refined fighter but he makes up for it with his raw athleticism and physical gifts.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Who has the Advantage?

In just a few days, one of the most highly anticipated light heavyweight fights in recent memory will take place when undefeated Russian star Artur Beterbiev takes on British knockout artist Anthony Yarde.

This is a fight that has the potential to be an absolute barnburner, as both men are known for their explosive fists and highlight reel finishes.

So, who has the advantage heading into this fight? Let’s take a closer look at each fighter and try to break it down.

Artur Beterbiev: The Undefeated Russian Star

Artur Beterbiev is one of the hardest hitting punchers in boxing today. He has an incredible record of 13-0 with 13 knockouts, and he has shown time and time again that he has the power to end a fight with one shot.

Beterbiev is also a very skilled boxer, and he uses his experience and technique to great effect. He is very patient in the ring, and he often waits for his opponents to make a mistake before pouncing on them with a big shot.

The biggest concern for Beterbiev heading into this fight is his lack of activity. He has only fought twice in the last two years, and some might argue that he could be rusty heading into this bout.

Anthony Yarde: The British Knockout Artist

Anthony Yarde is one of the brightest young stars in boxing today.

Prediction for the Fight

In just a few days, two of the top light heavyweight contenders will face off in what promises to be an explosive fight. Beterbiev, the undefeated IBF and WBC champion, will put his belts on the line against Anthony Yarde, the hard-hitting mandatory challenger.

This is a classic boxer-versus-puncher matchup, with Beterbiev’s precision and accuracy going up against Yarde’s power and knockout ability. So who has the edge?

Let’s take a closer look at both fighters to see how they match up.

Beterbiev is one of the most feared punchers in boxing. He has stopped all 13 of his opponents inside the distance, with 11 of those coming in the first five rounds. He is a very technical fighter with superb hand speed and timing. He also has a good chin, having never been down or seriously hurt in his professional career.

Yarde is no slouch when it comes to punching power either. He has stopped 17 of his 18 opponents, with 15 of those coming within three rounds. He is extremely athletic and quick for a heavyweight. He also has good movement and head movement, which will help him avoid Beterbiev’s big shots.

So who wins this fight? It’s tough to say. Beterbiev is the more proven fighter and he has looked almost unbeatable at times.


The upcoming showdown between Beterbiev and Yarde promises to be an exciting one as both fighters have a lot to prove. We’ve looked at the key factors that could determine the victor, such as age, experience and technique. Ultimately, only time will tell who will come out on top but we can’t wait to see these two warriors square off in what should be an incredible bout of boxing prowess. No matter the outcome of this fight it’s sure to deliver some memorable moments for fans!

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