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One of boxing’s finest, Miguel Angel Cotto is a consummate professional in the ring with many victories tied to his name. From his humble beginnings in Puerto Rico, this man rose to fame – to the top ranks of the welterweight division.  Watching Miguel Cotto’s boxing videos is like watching greatness unfold and the mastery of the craft at work.

What’s special about watching Cotto is the element of suspense and excitement that he brings to the fights, whoever his opponent is.  Expect heart-stopping action whenever he steps in the ring.  From his trademark jabs and hooks to his nimble footwork, he definitely is an astounding sight to see.

Watch videos of this Puerto Rican knockout artist and battle-tested gladiator, including some of his most explosive encounters:

Miguel Cotto vs. DeMarcus Corley – One of the most trying bouts in Miguel Cotto’s career, his fight with Corley proved to be a trial by fire.  Held in 2005 in his hometown of Puerto Rico, this fight was a give-and-take affair right from the opening bell.  Cotto’s worst round came in the third when he was cornered and struck down by a viscous low blow.  Cotto, however, got his second wind and turned the tables over the next few rounds.  Two knockdowns came and cemented the fighter’s victory in the fifth round.

Miguel Cotto vs Zab JudahHeld in Madison Square Garden, this proved to be Cotto’s bloodiest fight to date. Both fighters suffered nasty cuts; it was a brutal brawl, to say the least! The intensity of the fight was enough to make it arguably one of the top fights of 2007. Cotto, at first, was on the defensive due to Judah’s southpaw stance and uncanny quickness. In the following rounds, Cotto’s aggressive attacks visibly hurt Judah, which eventually wore him out.  Finally, well-placed jabs and punishing combinations in the 11th round took their toll on Judah which led to a TKO victory for Cotto.

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito IThese two proud Latino warriors first met in 2008 in a fight that many considered a war of attrition for both boxers. Few can argue the uphill battle these two proud warriors faced in the ring with each other. You have on one hand, the concussive jabs and footwork of Cotto; on the other, the brutal strength and aggressive body punching of Margarito. Their first meeting was a blockbuster engagement that ended with the 11th round stoppage of Cotto, thanks to the relentless body attack and uppercuts of Margarito.

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito IITheir rematch in 2011 was Cotto’s vindication. The 10th round TKO was courtesy of Cotto’s deadly jabs and combinations which battered Margarito’s face so bad it prompted the ring physician and referee to stop the bout.

miguel cotto vs sergio martinez

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Maravilla Martinez - Sergio Martinez lost his WBC Middleweight championship against 3-division former world champion Miguel Cotto on June 7, 2014, at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. Miguel Cotto knocked down Martinez  three times in the first round and once in the ninth round. Trainer Pablo Sarmiento decided to call off the fight prior to the tenth round, against the urging of Martinez.

For more action-packed Miguel Cotto videos, you can check here Miguel Cotto Career Fight Videos.


Miguel Cotto’s Professional boxing record

39 Wins (32 knockouts, 7 decisions), 4 Losses (2 knockouts, 2 decisions), 0 Draws
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