March 13, 2015 Andre Berto fought Josesito Lopez at Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California, USA for interim WBA World welterweight title

Fight Highlights: Lopez down twice in the 6th round
Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez Fight Replay

Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez Round by Round

Round 1 Both guys started to jabs in the center of the ring, left hook to the body landed by Lopez, Berto respond with jab, Combination by Lopez, Lopez outwork Berto in this round.

Round 2 Berto landed left jabs, Hard combination by Lopez, Berto jabs, Left hook to the body landed by Lopez, Left jab followed by Right by Berto, Lopez responded with left right to the head, Quick 1-2 combination by Berto, combination by Lopez, left jab hard right landed by Berto, another good round by Lopez

Round 3 Berto started the round with a series of jabs, Hard left jab snaps Lopez head back,Body shot by Lopez, Right hook landed by Berto, Quick 1-2 combo by Berto, Hard left hook landed by Berto, another 1-2 combo by Berto, Right hook to the body by Lopez, 3 punch combo by Lopez to end the round.

Round 4 Berto landed jabs, Lopez landed body shots, left jab by Berto, Lopez landed hard body shots, hard left hook landed by Berto to end the round.

Round 5 Lopez landed series of body shots on clinch, Overhand right landed by Berto, Combination by Lopez, Combination by Berto, Berto landed left jabs, Lopez stunned Berto with counter right hook, Hard left jab by Lopez, Body shot by Lopez, Left jab by Berto, Right hook by Berto.

Round 6 Double left hook by Berto, Body shot by Lopez, Hard combination by Berto followed by hard right to the head sent down Lopez for the 1st time in the fight, Lopez beats the count Berto again landed a hard right hand and Lopez goes down again for the second time in the fight, Referee steps in and stopped the fight.

Official time 1 minute and 3 seconds in Round 6 the winner by TKO Victory Andre Berto

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