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Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury Fight

Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury Fight Results: Tyson Fury by UD
Judges Score: Cesar Ramos 115-112, Ramon Cerdan 115-112, Raul Caiz Sr 116-111

One of the most anticipated boxing matches of the last several years will take place this Saturday night as Tyson Fury challenges reigning heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the match has gathered a ton of hype and boxing fans around the world will be on the edge of their seats. Klitschko is one of boxing’s most revered stars, having the second longest recorded reign as heavyweight champion and holding 23 title defenses to his name. Fury, an outspoken Irishman, promised to “make Klitschko look stupid before knocking him out” and made lewd comments about Klitschko’s advanced age. The duo were supposed to go toe-to-toe this past October until a calf injury forced Klitschko to delay the match, but now the champion is fully healed and ready for battle this weekend.

Klitschko has not lost a match in 10 years, his last defeat coming at the hands of Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas. His record is a stunning 64 wins in 67 fights, recording 53 knockouts in the process. The coming match against Fury will be his record-setting 28th title fight, surpassing the legendary Joe Lewis in the process. Klitschko’s last match came back in April, where he disposed of challenger Bryant Jennings with relative ease on the way to his 18th title defense. Fie holds titles in the World Boxing Association, the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Organization and the International Boxing Organization, needing only a title in the World Boxing Council for unification of his weight class.

Though confident as always, Klitschko considers Fury to be one of his most difficult challengers yet, as the younger Irishman holds a four-inch reach advantage and stands three inches taller at 6’9″. Fury, to his credit, comes into Saturday’s match having not lost in 24 fights and has recorded 18 knockouts in the process. Fie has been critical of Klitschko in the press, calling him an “old man” and making references about being in the elder statesman’s head. The pair have never met in a competitive match, though Fury referenced a time in training camp where a competition to see who could stay in a sauna the longest came down to the two of them. Fury claims he has been in the champion’s head since that day, saying, “I was prepared to die in that sauna.”

Experts agree that while Klitschko has the experience on his side, this is the first time he has fought someone his size with a longer reach advantage and it will not be an easy fight for the champion. Fury will have additionally have an advantage in speed and endurance, being twelve years younger than Klitschko. The challenger has an unblemished record and will be coming into Saturday’s match hungry for a chance at the title, something he has striven for since he started his professional career in 2011. Klitschko remains the odds on favorite in Vegas to retain his title, but this appears to be a situation where the underdog could make a lot of people money. One thing’s for certain: all eyes will be on two of boxing’s biggest stars this Saturday night in Dusseldorf.

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