February 04, 2023 UFC Fight Night 218,Sergey Spivak vs Derrick Lewis at UFC Apex, Enterprise, Nevada, United States

Despite his rather modest age, 28-year-old Sergey Spivak has already broken into the top 15 heavyweight rankings of the strongest promotion in the world, taking 12th place. The Moldavian fighter has six wins and three losses in the UFC, and at the moment Sergey is on a series of two early victories in a row.

Now that Spivak has gained experience, the question of his breakthrough in the top 10 and a possible inclusion in the title race is being raised. The heavyweight division of the UFC does not please us with consistency, and after the departure of Francis Ngannou, many fighters have chances to climb to the top, including the “Polar Bear” from Moldova.

Sergei fights well and feels quite comfortable in the standing position. There is a suspicion that in the fight with Lewis, Spivak will bet on wrestling so as not to tempt fate, arranging a cutting in a rack with a dangerous puncher.

Of course, Spivak looks more preferable. He is younger, hungrier and more versatile. But is Sergey ready for such a challenge? The form of Lewis will be of great importance. It is commendable that he lost weight, but will it help him in the upcoming fight? Does he still have motivation? Everything is very ambiguous. It is extremely difficult to guess the winner in this fight. Whatever Spivak’s literate game plan, Lewis only needs one hit to decide the outcome of the battle. We have already seen Derrick lose by one wicket several times, but just one hit destroyed all the hopes of the Black Beast’s opponents.