June 29, 2024 UFC 303 Alex Pereira vs. Jiří Procházka at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, United States for the UFC Light Heavyweight title.

UFC Light heavyweight Champion Alex ‘Poatan’Pereira takes on Jiří Procházka in a rematch in the first fight Pereira won by 2nd round Technical Knock Out.Who do you think will win the rematch?
Lets find out

UFC 303 Alex Pereira vs. Jiří Procházka Fight Odds:
Alex Pereira (c) -160
Jiri Prochazka +135

UFC 303 Pereira vs. Procházka 2 Weigh In Results:

UFC 303 Pereira vs. Procházka 2 Pre fight Analysis

In a rematch scenario, Pereira might look to use his athleticism and unpredictable striking to disrupt Procházka’s rhythm.
Procházka, on the other hand, could leverage his power and experience to counter Pereira’s flashy attacks with more calculated strikes.
Both fighters have shown vulnerabilities in their ground game, so the fight would likely stay standing unless one decides to engage in grappling exchanges.

Key Factors:

Striking Exchange: Pereira’s unorthodox style versus Procházka’s powerful strikes.
Fight IQ: Procházka’s ability to remain composed versus Pereira’s tendency to go for flashy moves.
Conditioning: Both fighters would need to maintain high levels of stamina, especially if the fight goes into later rounds.


Given their styles and assuming both fighters come prepared, the outcome could hinge on who effectively implements their game plan. Pereira’s unpredictability could catch Procházka off-guard, but Procházka’s power and experience might give him the edge in a prolonged striking battle or if he can capitalize on Pereira’s openings.

UFC 303 Pereira vs. Procházka 2 Full Fight Replay

UFC 303 Pereira vs. Procházka 2 Full Fight With Interview

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