UFC 277 Sergei Pavlovich vs Derrick Lewis Full Fight Replay


UFC 277 Sergei Pavlovich vs Derrick Lewis at American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas, United States in a 5 round Heavyweight fight
37-year-old Derrick Lewis has been professional in MMA since 2010. The American style is geared towards waiting for the moment to throw one precise punch that will knock out the opponent.
30-year-old Russian Sergey Pavlovich has been performing at the pro level since 2014. He has the skills of combat sambo, universal combat and freestyle wrestling. Pavlovich lost only to Alistair Overeem.
Here we will see a fight between two good drummers, but with different styles. Sergey constantly puts pressure on the opponent, throwing punches at him and trying to inflict as much damage as possible. Lewis has a fairly similar style of fighting, but he often prefers to wait for the opponent to open up and then throw a knockout punch.

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