Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes Full Fight Replay

Friday, December 30, 2016 UFC 207 Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes for the Women’s bantamweight title

Amanda Nunes defeated Ronda Rousey and retained her Women’s bantamweight title by TKO
Nunes spoiled Rousey’s comeback fight at UFC 207 in the very first round Amanda Nunes landed 3 punch combination that stunned Ronda Rousey, Ronda moved back a bit but she got nailed again by Nunes right hook Ronda tried to grab Nunes but that champion push her back.

Ronda tried a kick but Nunes was able to block it and fired a series of punch to Ronda’s head one again Rousey tried to grab Nunes, the Champion got away by pushing the Challenger back again. Ronda landed a left jab followed by right in return Amanda landed another one-two combination, at this point of the fight Ronda looks hurt, another three punch combination landed again for Nunes.

Ronda Rousey was stunned and shaky Nunes followed up and landed another right to the head Ronda was was trapped on the cage and Nunes tries to finish her off by landing three more hand punches to Ronda’s head the last punch which is right hook almost knock down Rousey but she stayed on her feet but she is really hurt in this fight the referee decided to stop the fight. I think the referee did the right decision even if Ronda Rousey manage to stand up its just a matter of time before she got seriously hurt. Ronda Rousey just don’t have an answer to Nunes good striking.

Ronda Rousey has nothing to proved I think its time for her to retire she was inactive for a year since she lost to Holly Holm she should have taken a tune up fight before fighting for the championship fight for her to determine if she still have what it take to become champion once again.

A year of inactivity of Ronda Rousey take its toll, Amanda Nunes proved to be the best at Women’s Bantamweight Division
and showed Ronda Rousey that she just don’t belong the UFC elite fighters anymore. Ronda Rousey who was the face of UFC before is now a shadow of her former self as a fighter but she already made herself a celebrity and its clear that she is not a full-time fighter anymore.

Ronda Rousey sinks to Amanda Nunes in her comeback fight

Ronda Rousey sinks to Amanda Nunes in her comeback fight written by: Lind1988 Ronda Rousey’s future in the UFC now looks bleak after she was humiliatingly defeated by Amanda Nunes last night. The former bantamweight champion on Friday night slumped to a knockout defeat against her opponent in the first round of their match.

Ronda was making a return to the ring for the first after an absence that lasted more than a year. She had been up against an in-form Nunes who was defending the bantamweight title she had won at the UFC 200. The female pair were facing each other in a packed to capacity Octagon arena in Las Vegas. This is the same venue where Ronda suffered a knockout loss against Holly Holm 13 months ago.

A fruitless return to The Octagon

Even though Ronda had hoped to reclaim her title and redeem her name after the second round knockout defeat against Holm last year, what awaited her as she made her way into The Octagon was quite the opposite. The American was floored by her Brazilian opponent very early in the game. 48 seconds are all Nunes needed to stun the Riverside, California native and retain the title she had fought hard for against Miesha Tate in July.

The Brazilian martial arts fighter looked well prepared and confident as she descended on the returning fighter Friday night. She handed her a hard right in the 15th second of the match and followed this with an onslaught which left Ronda powerless, thereby forcing the referee Herb Dean to come to her aid.

The former bantamweight star didn’t put much work into counteracting Nunes’ attacks. This left her vulnerable in the hands of the incumbent champion who kept dealing her right hand after right hand. Nunes seized the opportunity and landed Ronda a left hook and a combination of four punches which sent her staggering before the referee waved the match to a stop. The official stoppage time read 00:48.

Nunes joyous over her victory

Amanda Nunes couldn’t hide her joy after knocking out the American judo fighter in Las Vegas Friday night. She even took time to watch a replay of their fight on the giant screen. When asked about her victory by the press, she responded that her team had talked prior to her walking out and that they all knew that the Friday night faceoff was set to be her moment. She further added that Rousey had had her own moment of shining in the years which have since elapsed.

The Friday night fight was the first time Nunes was defending her title ever since winning it against Miesha Tate in July this year. She was lucky enough to retain it against an opponent with a stellar career record and one who was making a comeback with her sights set on nothing but winning. The UFC bantamweight title has only changed hands twice ever since it escaped from Ronda’s hands 13 months ago. Miesha and Nunes have been its only holders.

Ronda’s loss

Ronda’s loss against Nunes does not spell well for her future UFC career. The fact that she lost by a knockout barely a minute into the fight puts an even bigger dent on her fighting career. Her team certainly needs to sit down and chart a way forward concerning her career.

Away from what the Friday night loss portends for her UFC career, Ronda received accolades from a section of fans and loved ones in spite of her humbling defeat against Nunes. Her own mum, Dr Ann Maria De Mars, took time to defend her against critics who were attacking her following her loss. She listed Ronda’s previous wins in a blog post and also mentioned a number of her strong points. Another fan also hailed Ronda, terming her as one who had played a major part in revolutionising women’s place in the UFC.

You can only wish Ronda well and hope she finds away to make a comeback and go on pursuing a UFC career. Ronda has 12 career wins out of 14 career matches. Out of these, she has registered three knockout wins.

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