Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora II Fight Replay


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Tyson Fury stops Dereck Chisora in the 10th round in their world heavyweight title eliminator, the fight was one sided from the first round until the 10th round when Chisora retired in his corner, Fury dominated Chisora using his long jabs, uppercuts and hard power punches. Fury stick on his game plan and didn’t give Chisora any opportunity to land cleanly.

Round 1 begins, Fury using his long jab, Chisora coming forward , left hook by Fury momentary stunned Chisora, Fury ties-up Chrisory everytime gets inside. Good round for Fury

Round 2 Fury continue to flicks that jab on Chisora, head and body combination by Fury, Hard right hand by Fury snaps Chisora’s head back, Chisora now back pedalling Fury continue his attacks. Another good Round for Fury

Round 3 Fury fighting from the distance using his reach and height advantage, Chisora can’t land cleanly, Fury jab jab jab uppercut, Solid left hand from Fury. Another round for Tyson Fury

Round 4 Fury once again jabs keeps Chisora away, Fury leaning on Chisora, Fury stuns Chisora he takes advantage by throwing more combinations. Another Round for Fury

Four rounds to zero in Favor of Tyson Fury

Round 5 Fury jabs spoils Chisora’s attacks, Another round for Fury

Round 6 Fury using his long jabs once again he is not giving Chisora any chance to land any meaningful punch, Fury holds everytime Chisora gets near at him, Another round for Fury

Round 7 Fury throws jabs and combinations, Chisora eats alot of leather before he can land his own shots. Another round for Fury

Round 8 Fury jab jab and hold, Chisora is way behind on scorecards he needs knock out to win, haha referee warns both fighter for lack of action, Double right jab by Fury. Another boring round for Fury

Round 9 Chisora tried make this fight an action fight but Fury sticks on his game plan jab jab hold, Fury blocking Chisora’s power shots, jab jab once again from Fury. Another round for Fury

Round 10 Chisora landed a right hand to the head of Fury, Fury ties him up, Fury back on his gameplan jab jab, Fury chasing Chisora with jabs and power punch. Another round for Fury

Derck Chisora retired in his corner after 10 rounds, Tyson Fury wins the fight by KO

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