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October 24, 2015 Terence Crawford vs Dierry Jean Full Fight Replay at CenturyLink Center, Omaha, Nebraska, USA for the WBO World super lightweight title
Terence Crawford vs Dierry Jean Fight Replay

Fight Highlights: Jean down in rounds one,nine, and 10

Terence Crawford vs. Dierry Jean

This weekend was quite an exciting one as Terence Crawford and Dierry Jean came across in the boxing ring. With the unbeatable force in 26 proficient fights Crawford is likely to substitute the Floyd May weather from the Boxing rankings of America. Moreover, it is likely that he will be the opponent with Manny Pacquiao in an upcoming year’s fight. Crawford has this ability of turning the while bight into show worth watching. Hegot those hard punches, tricky defensive style, and leant moves in the boxing ring. Everything is totally dependent on his mood. If he does not want to drag the game, then he can finish it in a few minutes too. Crawford got this typical boxing habit, which is found in few boxers, defending and attacking are not two different things.
As the fight started, it was pretty hard for Jean to stand still in front of the all wide spread armory style of the Crawford. Crawford utilized all those styles that make him the world class fighter. He walks with all the patience, looking for the attacking site, watching intently towards its prey and then makes an attack. As he saw, the chance of the strike coming in, he started availing it harshly. The referee Tony Weeks had to rescue Jean in the Tenth round at 2:30.

Jean had all the planning to drag the game in front of the Crawford as much as possible, but it was looking like if Crawford was reading him. At the end of the first frame, Crawford caught Jean with the right hook and made him plunged to prior to the final bell. Jean tried to stand in front of Crawford, he could not use his trick and was again on his unsteady legs as the hook strike him.

In the third round, all the desires of Jean were out of the drain as Crawford simply punched and washed him from out of the way. Jean did try his best to get some of the control within the ring, but could not. In the fourth round, the Crawford was visibly enjoying the confidence and lost strength of Jean. He gave the final punch from straight left and the whole audience had their voices out in an obvious roar.
Till the fifth and sixth round, Crawford enjoyed assaulting the opponent and Jean did not lose his courage by playing more. The wicked thing was that the Crawford gave a cunning smile to the Jean at the end of the sixth round. In the ninth round, Crawford gave him the finest two punches with his razor sharp right hands.

In the final round, Crawford was after Jean all over the ring and wanted to throw him out of the ring, which he made by punching in a row three times. Those punches literally threw him out of the ring and making Crawford the winner.
Later on, the Jean complained that Crawford had hit him at the back of the head which was sort of unjust. Regardless of all of this, this was the fight to watch.

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