Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Full Fight Replay

April 20, 2019 Amir Khan vs Terence Crawford at Madison Square Garden, New York for the World Boxing Organisation World Welterweight Title

Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Round by Round

Round 1 Right hand landed for Khan, bodyshot landed by Khan, Quick left jab landed by Crawford, Left hook landed by Khan, 3 left jabs landed for Khan, Hard right hand by Crawford down goes Khan, left and right hook by Crawford, Khan is in trouble again, Right straight landed by Crawford, Khan holds on, Another hard right landed by Crawford buckled Amir Khan’s knees, Another hard left and right hook landed by Crawford, Khan almost went down again he was saved by the bell,

Round 2 Double jabs landed by Khan to start the round, bodyshot by Crawford, Right hand to the body landed by Khan, left jab by Crawford, Hard right by Crawford, bodyshot by Khan, Hard bodyshot by Crawford, Hard right hand by Khan landed on Crawfords Chin, 1-2 combo landed by Khan to end the round,

Round 3 Hard right hand by Crawford,bodyshot by Khan, 1-2 combo by Khan, counter hook landed by Crawford, combination by Khan, left hook by Khan, Crawford countered him with hard body shot, hard right landed by Crawford left jar right straight landed by Crawford to end the round,

Round 4 right jab landed for Crawford, 3 punch combo landed by Khan, Hard bodyshot by Khan, combination by Khan counter shot by Crawford, bodyshot combination by Crawford, counter left hook by Khan, right hook by Crawford, hard bodyshots by Crawford, Khan ends the round with hard right hand,

Round 5 both guys traded jabs to start the round, with right by Khan missed, 1-2 combo by Crawford, left hook by Khan, right uppercut landed by Crawford, bodyshots by Crawford, right hand landed by Khan,uppercut left hand landed by Crawford, Khan countered Crawford with hard right, Hard right again landed by Khan,

Round 6 Crawford started the round with jab, quick left jab landed by Khan, left hook landed by Khan,
Low blow landed by Crawford, Khan was given time to recover, fight stopped Khan was unable to continue.

It turns out that Khan’s corner decided to stop the fight. Khan was taking too much punishment, at some rounds Khan was able to land his best shots but it doesn’t seems to affect Crawford.

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