Stephen A: Mayweather vs Pacquiao “It’s not the biggest fight in history!”


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Mayweather vs Pacquio where this fight rank on all time match-ups in any sport:

Stephen A Smith: It’s up there no question simple because they starve us for so many years, I don’t know if we have to look forward to a fight as much as we have been with the have been on social media, what we have so much talk chat back and fort, Manny Pacquiao making a commercial mocking Floyd Mayweather Jr to fight him obiously help along with his promoter Bob Arum with Top Rank clearly it came down to this and now its a fight the we’ve waited for so long for its gonna be the biggest draw money wise in boxing history but isn’t the Thrilla in Manila not so sure I know it doesn’t measure up the first Ali Frezier encounter, rumble in the Jungle with Ali and Big George Foreman,
Ali was the huge underdog in that matchup but I think people still look forward to but you can make an argument this is bigger than that to me however “It was not bigger than Sugar Ray Leonard vs Thomas The Hitman Hearns” It was not bigger than Thomas The Hitman Hearns vs Marvin Hagler I don’t care what any body says these kind of things, these are the two bigger fights that I put up there, Jerry Cooney vs Larry Homes all be for totally diffirent reasons from a society perspective may have been diffirent but to me this is right up there I have starve, I have waited its have been 6 long years for me to see Floyd Mayweather giving Manny Pacquiao who I love by the way but to give Pacquiao a boxing lesson that he disrespectful self deserved and I believe that whats gonna happen on May 2nd

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