Simon ‘The Grizzly’ Kean Knock Out Highlights – Undefeated Heavyweight Knock Out Artist from Canada

The 1.96 m super heavyweight (+91 kg) was Canadian Champion in 2011 and reached in May 2012, the third place in the American Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. There he won in the round of 16 just on points against the youth Olympic champion Tony Yoka, but then retired in the quarterfinals against Ivan Dychko and thus reached place 5. 2015 he won again the Canadian championship. In August 2015, he won a bronze medal at the Pan American Championships in Venezuela.

Since November 2015 Kean is boxing in the profile camp. In June 2017, he won the IBO Intercontinental Championship. In June 2018 he also became WBC Francophone Champion.

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