Sergey Kovalev vs Nadjib Mohammedi Fight Replay


July 25, 2015 Sergey Kovalev vs Nadjib Mohammedi at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
For the Following titles:
WBA Super World light heavyweight title
IBF World light heavyweight title
WBO World light heavyweight title

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Sergey Kovalev vs Nadjib Mohammedi Fight

Fight Highlights: Mohammedi down in rounds 2 and 3

Sergey Kovalev vs. Nadjib Mohammedi match was one of a kind. The fans turned out in large numbers and expressed a desire to see who was to clinch the price. Mohammedi, a Frenchman arrived earlier than expected. However, during the match the champ was so unwilling to settle his punches. Sergey, a recognized Russian champion of the light heavyweight barely had to break any sweat during the match.

In the 3rd round, Sergey dispatched Nadjib who rarely set any punches allowing his defending fighter a chance to do anything he pleased. Mohammedi was very timid while Sergey planned his punches. When the openings aroused, Mohammedi had completely no chance the moment his opponent capitalized. In the middle of the 2nd round, Sergey, with his right hand, punched his challenger who ended up with buckled knees.

Nadjib tried to backpedal to the ropes for support but the destroyer bounced shots all over him until he fell down.
Mohammedi bravely stood up and fought on. A series of punches launched by Sergey afterwards caused the Frenchman a Convulsive effect. He tumbled into the Canvas two times which were all ruled as pushes and slips by Kenny Bayless, the referee. However, the game ended on the 3rd round when Mohammedi flicked and missed allowing the Russian champ to strike. Nadjib fell to his knees, a third veteran man waived off at 2:38 of the third round putting an end to the fight. Kovalev (28-0-1, 25 KOs), drilled Nadjib (38-4, 23 KOs) and retained his WBO, IBF and WBA light heavyweight titles.

Kovalev admitted to have wished for more rounds. The champ was thrilled by his victory and even expressed a desire to battle Jean Pascal or anybody who was willing to fight him. Mohammedi on the other hand, had his vision blurred when his opponents thumb poked him in the eye earlier in the fight, he said. It was a furious match with Sergey Kovelev clinching the price.

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