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January 30, 2016 Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2 rematch at Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the following titles

IBF World light heavyweight title
WBA Super World light heavyweight title
WBO World light heavyweight title
Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2 Rematch

Montreal was up again last night in a sensational duel between two heavy weights Sergey Kovalev Vs. Jen Pascal II. In what turned out to be a nasty fight, Pascal received a flawless beating from Kovalev which forced Pascal’s trainer Freddie Roach to stop the fight after 7 rounds.
The rematch between the two ended in the same manner as the previous bout with Kovalev retaining his IBF, WBO and WBA light heavyweight titles. The first round of the fight started in a heated manner with Kovalev landing a wild shot that could have been a knockout only to be ruled out by Referee Michael Griffin as a slip.

Flowever, Pascal also got his moments especially in the third round where he managed to land some perplexing shots mainly with the left hook. Flowever, he seemed overwhelmed in putting up his punches together. In short, there was no consistency in his attacks.
KovalevaDs unmerciful attacks on Pascal widely came out in the fourth round. At this point, the poor Pascal was in peril as the shots continued raining on him. Already heated up, Kovalev battered his opponent to the body using chopping right hands to the head and his jab to ultimately send Pascal in disarray. At one point, a completely lethal hard jab from Kovalev seemed to break Pascal’s nose in the fourth round before being stopped by Roach.
Pascal had basically been massacred and by the fifth round onwards, he offered no resistance to the jabs and chopping from the Russian Champion. At this point, even an inexperienced boxer could have easily finished the fifth, sixth and seven rounds for Kovalev.

Kovalev continued to toy with Pascal after the sixth round. He could have completed the fight in this round but seemed to hold back from doing a clean job. Consequently after the fight, Kovalev sadistically admitted that he wanted to punish Pascal and keep damaging him.
After the sixth round, Pascal’s trainer Freddie Roach wanted to stop the fight but allowed Pascal back to the ring only to tell the referee to keep a close watch on him. Fie resolved that he would stop the fight if Pascal went to the ropes again something which the fighter did not do. Meanwhile, Pascal was still on the receiving end of Kovalev’s full wrath and might. Thankfully he did not come for the next round. Poor Pascal had been beaten senselessly.
Apparently, Kovalev admitted that it was a personal fight given that Pascal is a rude person who doesn’t respect fighters and anybody else. Fie says he wanted to teach him a lesson and punish him more by extending the rounds.

Pascal will be going home a sad and dilapidated man. Fie also lost $50,000 bet and the respect of many including the fans from Montreal and the fighters themselves with Kovalev admitting that he don’t and won’t respect him.
Kovalev then had his celebratory moments by provoking Adonis Stevenson when he called him “Adonis Chickens on” and quacked like a duck. As a result, Stevenson came to the ring to but was shut down promptly before making a show out of it. It is believed that Adonis Stevenson is avoiding a fight between him and Kovalev.

The only title Kovalev is missing is WBC, which is currently with Stevenson.
Pascal proceeded to congratulate him by admitting t he is a great champion. He also promised he will be back. Well, he better go and train hard.
Out of 412 punches, Kovalev managed to land 165 on Pascal. Pascal only managed 108.

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