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Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev Full Fight Replay Alternative Video

Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev Full Fight Replay HBO Coverage

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward Weigh In Results”
Andre Ward: 175 lbs
Sergery Kovalev: 175 lbs

Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev fight to be a battle of equals
Andre Ward’s action of snubbing Sergey Kovalev’s handshake at Thursday’s press conference shows just one thing, the Oakland boxer means business. Indeed, it will be a battle of dorminance as the two boxers take on each other at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night.

With just some hours left before the much awaited event kicks off, boxing enthusiasts can’t stop wondering who between the two pound for pound fighters will carry the night Saturday. Will Kovalev be able to shield his three light heavyweight titles from 32 year old Ward? Will Ward prove that he is the last man standing following Mayweather’s uncertain retirement? These are just some of the questions that are crossing boxing followers’ minds the world over.

Anyone can win

Some may want to argue that it’s Ward who will carry the night while others would want to say that the Russian will be flying his country’s flag even higher in Las Vegas after the fight is over. However looking at it really keenly, you can’t really say that either of them will win. Do you want to know why? Read on.

Why there isn’t an obvious favorite

There are two main reasons why you can’t pinpoint a likely winner between Ward and Kovalev. First and foremost, the battle between these two boxers is going to be a battle of equals. It is one of those rare moments in boxing when one legendary boxer has been paired with an opponent who matches his strength and prowess. It can only be compared to the famous fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather and perhaps the historical one between the late Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

In regards to equality, both Ward and Kovalev are accomplished boxers who are unbeaten. Ward is unbeaten at (30-0, 15KOs) whereas Kovalev is unbeaten at (30-0-1, 26KOs). The fact that neither of them has lost a match before means that they are each a formidable force within the ring. On a lighter note, do you notice that they have both fought the same number of professional matches? They are equals indeed.

Kovalev may occur to have more knockouts than Ward but remember the latter had been forced out of boxing for quite a while due to injuries and promoter related issues. Had he been in action all that while, he probably would be having a knockout number close to his opponent’s or even higher than that.

Wit and slyness vs skill and power

The second reason why you can’t bet on any of the two boxers to floor the other is because of their unique fighting styles. Ward is known for his crafty style of fighting. He is the kind of boxer who can even make a sudden change from orthodox to southpaw so as to confuse his opponent. If you understand the dynamics of boxing well enough, you will know that a boxer’s punching and defensive abilities are usually affected when their opponent suddenly changes stance.

In addition, Ward is a boxer who lets his partner engage in continuous attacks. He may use this to his advantage and knock out or knock down Kovalev when his energy is spent.

On Kovalev’s part, he has an I-mean-business style of fight. He is known for accurate and lethal punches that can have any opponent struggling to stay on their feet. Kovalev will likely come into the match looking for a knockout and he most likely want to be done with everything within the shortest time possible. He may however not achieve this latter objective as Ward will likely drag the match with his antics and tricks. The Saturday night fight could go even up to the 10th round or longer. Whichever way the match goes it will most likely be a display of wit and slyness vs skill and power.

Final say

Will Kovalev put up the same stellar performance he has been putting in the last four years or will Ward edge him out of his hard earned titles? Well, Las Vegas’ T-Mobile arena will let you know come Saturday night.

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