Ronny Rios vs Robinson Castellanos Fight Replay


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Ronny Rios lost his “0” tonight, but more concerning was his performance in his TKO-5 loss to Robinson Castellanos, as the 24-year-old fighter never looked right physically, appearing possibly concussed from the get-go, as Castellanos hammered home rights and lefts all night and

Castellanos (20-10, 13 KO) dominated despite being cut in the first round on an accidental headbutt — though it may have actually been a punch — with Rios (20-1, 13 KO) having trouble focusing his eyes, and constantly looking away mid-action. In the corner between each round, he just looked totally out of it, and there was plenty of instant criticism for even sending him out there for the fifth round. Referee Ray Corona stepped in when Rios was hurt again, stopping it 11 seconds into the round. Read Full Article >>



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