Naoya Inoue vs Antonio Nieves Full Fight Replay

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Września 9, 2017 Naoya Inoue vs Antonio Nieves at StubHub Center, Carson for the WBO World Super Flyweight Title
Naoya Inoue vs Antonio Nieves Fight Replay

Okrągłe 1 Inoue hard right hand to the head of Nieves, hard jab by Inoue, 1-2 landed for Inoue, left hook to the body by Inoue Nieves answered back with bodyshots of his own, Hard long jabs by Inoue, another 1-2 landed by Inoue

Okrągłe 2 Inoue started the round landed some jabs, left jab hook to the body landed by Inoue, left hook to the body by Inoue 1-2 by Inoue body shot by NIeves, another bodywork by Nieves, Hard right landed by Inoue, great body shot by Inoue hurts Nieves.

OkrÄ…gÅ‚e 3 1-2 combination by Inoue to start the round, Nieves moving away another jab by Inoue, right uppercut by Inoue, Left to the body by Inoue, body shots by Inoue, Nieves 3 Walnij połączenie, Inoue landed combination to end the round.

Okrągłe 4 Inoue started the round throwing jabs, series of uncontested jab landed for Inoue, left hook to the body by Inoue\

Okrągłe 5 Hard jabs by Inoue, Good boyshot by Inoue, Another hard body shot by Inoue and down goes Nieves, Nieves runs away in the remaining time of round to survive

Okrągłe 6 Body shot by Inoue, another bodyshot by Inoue Nieves running away to survive another bodyshot by Inoue, Left hook to the head landed by Inoue, another left hook by Inoue Nieves survived another round

Nieves corner decided to stop the fight.
The winner by TKO Naoya Inoue

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