Pinoy Pride 33 Full Fight Replay Philippines vs the World

Pinoy pride 33 ended up with the everyone in the Philippines excited about their boxing reputation. It was stated as Philippines against the world, and this round goes to the Philippines as they swept their way out of the ring. The four match ups were: Albert Pagara VS William Gonzalez, Jason Pagara VS Santos Benavidez, Mark Magsayo VS Yardley Suarez, and Donnie Nietes VS Juan Alejo
Pinoy Pride 33 Fight Replay

Albert Pagara VS William Gonzalez
This fight lasted all of six rounds, and was a brilliant battle. While Gonzalez chose to come out of the gates swinging, Pagara decided to play it smart, willing to trade punches with his opponent. The fight went that way until the third round when the two decided to battle it out in the middle of the ring. But it wasn’t until the sixth round that Pagara decided to end the fight. With a 1-2 combination, Pagara quickly put Gonzalez down. The fight was called when Gonzalez could not respond to the referees count. With the win, Pagara now is the WBO Intercontinental Jr. featherweight champion, a title that was previously vacant.

Jason Pagara VS Santos Benavidez
The older brother of Albert Pagara, Jason felt as if he needed to win quickly. He came right out and was aggressive from the beginning. Landing punch after punch, his opponent was left with only one option: fight back or get knocked down. But as Benavidez fought back, Pagara took his chances, making them count. In the second round Pagara decided to end the fight, and as in the first round, came out aggressive. After being knocked down, Benavidez tried to come back, but after getting up again, he was knocked to the floor again by a shot to the body from Pagara. The fight was called at 2:53 in the second.

Mark Magsayo VS Yardley Suarez

The young man Mark Magsayo came out and took matters into his own hands. The fight was a short one as Magsayo scored a knockout in the first round. Magsayo came out with power and pride and immediately started landing punches. After knocking Suarez quickly down, he did not wait long to do it again, this time for good. The fight was called at 2:00 in the first round.

Donnie Nietes VS Juan Alejo
The headline fight was by far the most exciting of the fights. Donnie Nietes, trying to become the champion for a 9th straight time, came ready to defend his title. Showing that slow and steady wins the race he fought methodically with Alejo for all 12 rounds. In the end a victory had to be decided by the judges, who awarded Donnie Nietes with the win in what was a unanimous decision. The final tally was 120-108, 119-109, 119-109.

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