Nonito Donaire vs William Prado Fight Replay


Nonito Donaire vs William Prado TKO Highlights

On March 28, 2015 Nonito Donaire fought William Prado at Araneta Coliseum, Barangay Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines for the vacant NABF super bantamweight title
nonito donaire vs william prado fight replay

Nonito Donaire vs William Prado Full Fight Video HD

Nonito Donaire vs William Prado round by round

Round 1 Donaire uses left jab to measure Prado, left hook landed by Donaire followed by right straight, hard left hook to the body by Donaire, Donaire’s left jab keeps Prado from distance, Prado landed left to the body, 3 punch combination by Donaire to end the round

Round 2 Donaire landed 1-2 combination, left by Donaire, hard left hook by Donaire, Left uppder by Donaire, hard right by Donaire, series of lefts from Donaire, Donaire wants to finish the fight in this round, Donaire goes back with his jab, left hook by Donaire, right hook to the body landed again by Donaire, Two left uppercut landed by Donaire stunned Prado, Donaire continue to attack while Prado is on the ropes, Donaire landed 3 left hooks referee Mctavish seen enough and stopped the fight because Prado was unable to defend himself and taking series of unanswered heavy blows from Donaire.

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