Nicholas Walters vs Miguel Marriaga Fight Replay


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On June 13, 2015 Nicholas Walters fought Miguel Marriaga at Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, New York for WBA Super World featherweight title

Nicholas Walters vs Miguel Marriaga Fight

Nicholas Walters vs Miguel Marriaga Fight Replay Highlights

The fight was amazing. Once again, Walters has managed to show the world why he is one of the best fighters from Jamaica. The Walters knocked down Marriaga with a sharp right hand that come unexpected and caught him off guard while he we on the offensive mode.

Both fighters were hurt in the fight, but it was Marriaga who was hurt more frequently. This is understandable since he was the smaller of the two. He just did not have the weight. He did not have the weight to take punches from the 145 pound Walters all night long.
With this victory, Walters has the chance to face WBO feather weight champion Vasyl Lomachenko next. Bob Arum of Top Rank has been talking about wanting to make that fight and stick in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

But personally, I don’t think that Walters has a chance at the feather weight anymore. Any fighter who agrees to face him in this division will be risking the chance of Walters becoming overweight again. Vasyl Lomachenko can take this chance if he is confident that he will withstand the punishment unlike Marriaga. Walters should now focus his energy on competing at the Super featherweight since that is where he belongs.

The fight was won due to Walters’s weight advantage. During the weighting, he missed the featherweight limit when he weighed 127 pounds. But he went to put on 18 pounds overnight to come to the fight at 145 pounds compared to Marriaga’s 135 pounds.

Apart from the weight controversies, the fight was entertaining, both fighters were punching to hurt. Walters was landing less punches but they were more effective than Marriaga’s due to his weight disadvantage. If they were in weighting the same, they we could have gotten different results. Maybe no knock out would have been experienced. The fight could have gone all the way to a unanimous decision for Walters who was clearly the better fighter.

With this in mind, I think that Weight-ins should be done just a day before the fight night. This way, we will reduce the event where fighters rehydrate like crazy, going nearly four division higher. This gives them an undue advantage over their opponents. This practice is becoming very popular among fighters who go a division below, like the recent Verdejo-Najera fight. He too got unfair weight advantage, something that is not fair since it influences the fights outcome.

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