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July 29, 2017 Mikey Garcia vs Adrien Broner at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA for the WBC Diamond Belt
Mikey Garcia vs. Adrien Broner Fight Replay

Undefeated WBC World Lightweight champion Mikey Garcia moves up in weight (140lbs) to fight Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner in one of this years exciting and intriguing fight. Twitter polls result 60% believed Mikey Garcia will win while 40% believes Adrien Broner will take this fight. WBC Diamond Belt

Round 1
Broner started the using movement and using his

jab effectively
Mikey Garcia landed left and right under 1

minute remaining in the round then landed a

good bodyshot.

Round 2
Adrien Broner landed hard left jab, Garcia

answered with jab of his own, right hook to the

body landed for Garcia, Great jab by Garcia

snaps Broners head back another hard bodyshot

landed by Garcia.

Round 3
Andrien Broner started the round with left jab

to Garcia’s body, Broner landed another left

jab to the body but Garcia countered him with

hard left hook to the head. Short left hand by

Garcia counter right landed by Broner to the


Round 4
Garcia landed counter right and Broner answered

back with counter left to the body. Broner

landed jabs Garcia counters him with left and

right. Left hook to the body landed for Garcia,

1-2 Combination landed for Broner, Garcia

answered back with combination, Garcia finish

the round strong.

Round 5
Broner started the round landing left jabs,

Mikey countering Broner effectively, counter

left hand by Broner, nice left hook landed by

Broner and another left hand

Round 6
Garcia’s counter punching effectively, Left

hook to the body landed for Garcia, Combination

landed for Broner, Garcia always finish the

round strong once again

Round 7
Broner started the round landing 1-2, Hard left

jab landed by Broner, Garcia countered Boner

with left hook, Hard jabs landed by Garcia.
Mikey GArcia landed good combinations to end

the round.

Round 8
Broner as always started the round with quick

left jabs, Hard right landed for Garcia, Garcia

on the attack landing hard body and head shots.

Broner on the defensive end. Another good round

for Garcia

Round 9
Broner started the round landing right hand,

Broner landed a counter right, Counter left

landed by Garcia, quick jabs landed by Garcia,

hard bodyshots by Broner Garcia answered back

combinations and both fighters goes toe to toe

to end the round.

Round 10
Left jabs landed for Broner, Garcia landing

hard combinations, Broner landed left jab that

snaps Garcia’s head, Hard left hook by Broner

stunned Garcia, Hard combinations agains landed

for Garcia, Garcia ended the round landing


Round 11
Hard jabs landed for both boxers, Hard right

landed by GArcia, Jabs landed by Broner, GArcia

scores again with two punch combination, body

shot by Garcia, Chopping right landed by

Broner, Again finishing the round strong with

hard combinations

Round 12
The final round left jab by Broner, Hard

combination landed by Garcia, effective jab

followed by combination by Garcia, Broner hurt

Garcia with combination but Garcia comes back

with his own hard combinations.

The winner by unanimous decision Mikey Garcia

and won the WBC Diamond Belt
Judges Scores:
Don Ackerman 112-116
Eric Marlinski 111-117
Steve Weisfeld 112-116

Whats next for Mikey Garcia?
The Winner of Terence Crawford vs Julius

Indongo would be interesting

Whats next for

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