The sports world is now very busy predicting what matches might happen this year. Fans are also very hopeful that some super fights will push through. Those involved in pay-per-view also hope to bring life to an almost dead moneymaker. So what is the best way to make everybody happy? Give everybody the match (or matches) they have been wishing for. All that needs to be done is to agree and then sign the fight deal.

One of the Best Fight Deals

There are several reports on the possible Cotto vs. Alvarez boxing
match. Almost all sports analysts agree that this should happen. It would be good for the sport. Alvarez and Cotto will help rake in the revenues, especially the pay-per-view sales.

But it is not just the money that makes both fighters an excellent match for each other. The two are highly regarded in their division. Miguel Cotto is the current middleweight champion (WBC) while Canelo Alvarez is a top-ranked middleweight boxer (Ring Light).


Earlier this week, Alvarez agreed to a fight deal versus Miguel Cotto. This was confirmed by Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya. Involved in the negotiations is Top Rank CEO Bob Arum. De La Hoya claims to have done his part in the deal. It has now become obvious that the ball is in Arum’s camp.

The boxing card is slated for May 2 this year. This will coincide with Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo. HBO Pay-Per-View will cover the bout.


Bob Arum did not give any details, but said that there were things that they have to iron out first. He had a meeting with Oscar De La Hoya and he claims that positive things came out of the talk.

Why It Is a Big Fight

The match will be a great one, especially because this will be a fight between two great boxers from different boxing-crazy countries. This should end, even temporarily, the debate as to which has better boxers: Mexico or Puerto Rico. A lot of boxers coming from both countries have met; and every time, fans have expressed very strong feelings.

Another reason why it is a hot match is because of the Mayweather-Alvarez fight that earned more than $150 million. Analysts are hoping that this will be duplicated. If that cannot happen again in terms of revenue, at least there will be a bigger PPV this time. The only time that PPV soars high is when Mayweather has a fight or when Pacquiao fights.


This fight might not be the most sought-after fight. But this might well be considered as a close second to a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Both parties should learn to say yes to some details and iron out demands and differences. And if fans are lucky, they will get to see two dream fights this year. And one of them might be Cotto versus Alvarez.

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