List of Leo Santa Cruz ‘s Televised Fights

2014-09-13 Leo Santa Cruz vs Manuel Roman

2014-03-08 Leo Santa Cruz vs Cristian Mijares

2013-12-14 Leo Santa Cruz vs Cesar Seda

2013-08-24 Victor Terrazas vs Leo Santa Cruz

2013-05-04 Leo Santa Cruz vs Alexander Munoz

2012-12-15 Leo Santa Cruz vs Alberto Guevara

2012-11-10 Leo Santa Cruz vs Victor Zaleta

2012-09-15 Leo Santa Cruz vs Eric Morel

2012-06-02 Leo Santa Cruz vs Vusi Malinga

2011-07-30 Leo Santa Cruz vs Everth Briceno

2011-06-03 Leo Santa Cruz vs Jose Lopez

2009-12-17 Leo Santa Cruz vs Juan Jose Beltran

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