Kell Brook vs Fankie Gavin Fight


On May 30, 2015, renown British fighter Kell Brook will battle it out with a fellow Briton boxer Frankie Gavin in a bid to defend his IBF welterweight title at the O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London, United Kingdom. The fighter has been anticipated by many who consider Kell Brook the Mayweather of Britain.
Kell  Brook vs Fankie Gavin Fight

Brook, a Sheffield boxer has made a successful comeback with an impressive win over JOJO Dan in early march. In a recent interview, brook said that he was honored to fight at the 02 Arena. He made a successful comeback to the ring in Sheffield on march after pulling through a machete attack September last year which had a devastating effect on his boxing career. Many people were sceptic weather brook will be able to match up to Dan’s power and he speed. He proved critics wrong by knocking out Dan at the fourth quarter. This fight proved that Brook was a force to reckon on when it come to the ring. Even before the knock out, brook had manage to knock out Dan 4 times! This was no small feat for a man who was recovering from a machete attack.

After his remarkable victory, Brook called Amir Khan for a fight, but he did succeed scheduling a fight with him so he settled for Frank Gavin instead. Brook is the favorite in this fight. He is on top form. He also expressed his confidence of winning the fight easily. On an interview with Sky Sport, Brook said that he was in his best from ever, he was unbeatable and he felt that Gavin will never be able to cope with his brutal power and speed!

Frankie Gavin is a quality fighter, he has the power, the speed and the reach. He will prove to be a worth opponent for Brook. Brook should be prepared for a battle, blood will be shed in the ring. I betting of Frankie to make Brook eat his words. Though this seems difficult, if Frankie is in the form he has been in his prime years, then be ready for a very big upset!

If Amir Khan and Brook will manage to keep the United Kingdom in tenter hooks like they are doing now, they will be sure to crank up a fight that may turn out to be the biggest pay-day in their entire boxing career. Something close or bigger than the Mayweather-Pacquiao show. Will Brook be able to live upto his word, or will Gavin stop the seemingly unstoppable Brook? Those two questions will be answered tomorrow in the ring.

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