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Post Fight Review Keith Thurman vs Luis Collazo

July 11, 2015 Keith Thurman vs Luis Collazo at USF Sundome, Tampa, Florida, USA for the WBA World welterweight title

Keith Thurman vs Luis Collazo Fight

11 July 2015, Keith Thurman defeated Luis Collazo by 8th round TKO to retain his welterweight world title, However victory was not so easy as Thurman had to survive a severe blow in the fifth round when Collazo landed a strong left right into the ribs of Thurman and nearly resulting in a knockdown.
In the initial two rounds, Collazo was on defensive, trying to measure his opponent but Thurman was on offensive right from the beginning, It was the third round when Collazo started to come forward and start his offence, however his tactics were unsuccessful and Thurman landed few crisp punches to Collazo.
In the fourth round, Collazo tried to push Thurman to the ropes but Thurman quickly made his way out by throwing quick combos on Collazo.
Fifth round produce one of the major highlights of the match when Collazo was finally able to overpower Thurman. He landed a powerful blow into the ribs of Thurman and also winning the round.

Thurman not only recovered from the blow but came out with his full aggression in sixth round and hit a ferocious blow just above Collazo right eye; this resulted in a big cut and heavy bleeding from area above his right eye.
Collazo was seen struggling throughout the seventh round as the blood kept flowing into his eye making things more difficult for him. After the seventh round, Collazo’s corner threw in the towel due to the vision impairing injury, resulting in the match to be stopped. At the stoppage, Thurman was up on all three judges’ scorecards (69-64, 68-65, 69-64).

Thurman retained his welterweight world title in front of his home crowd and have challenged the legendary Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather has never lost and has an unbelievable 48-0 record. After the match, Thurman openly challenged Mayweather and was heard saying “I’m a young, strong champion, Floyd, come get it”. It is to be noted that even Thurman has also never lost a match. If this match happens then it will be like a clash of champions with someone tasting defeat for very first time in their career that is otherwise full of glory.

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