Jesse Rodriguez vs Juan Francisco Estrada Footprint Center, Phoenix for the WBC World Super Flyweight Title

Super Flyweight Champion Juan Francisco ‘Eh Gallo’ Estrada takes on Undefeated Flyweight Champion Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez in 12 round title fight at the Super Flyweight Division.

Jesse Rodriguez vs Juan Francisco Estrada Pre fight Analysis
Jesse Rodriguez

Style and Strengths: Rodriguez is known for his aggressive style and power. He possesses good technical skills combined with the ability to apply pressure on opponents.

Record and Experience: As of my last update, Rodriguez had a promising record with a significant number of wins, showcasing his potential and skill development.

Physical Attributes: He typically fights at a lower weight class, which could give him speed and agility advantages against certain opponents.

Juan Francisco Estrada

Style and Strengths: Estrada is a seasoned veteran in the super flyweight division. He has a well-rounded skill set, combining technical proficiency with ring intelligence and adaptability.

Record and Experience: Estrada has faced top-level competition and has a proven track record against elite opponents. His experience in championship bouts gives him a mental edge in high-pressure situations.

Physical Attributes: Estrada has demonstrated durability and resilience in fights, along with a strategic approach that allows him to adjust his tactics as the fight progresses.

Potential Analysis

Striking and Defense: Rodriguez’s aggressive style might play into Estrada’s strengths, as he excels in counter-punching and timing his opponents. However, Rodriguez’s power could pose a threat if he can effectively close the distance and land significant shots.

Endurance and Conditioning: Both fighters have shown good endurance in their fights, but Estrada’s experience in longer, competitive bouts might give him an edge in later rounds.

Tactical Adjustments: The ability of each fighter to make tactical adjustments during the fight will be crucial. Estrada’s experience might give him the advantage in making strategic changes if the fight doesn’t go as planned initially.


A potential fight between Jesse Rodriguez and Juan Francisco Estrada would likely be a clash of styles and strengths. Rodriguez’s youth, power, and aggression would be up against Estrada’s experience, technical skill, and ring savvy. It would be a fascinating matchup that could potentially determine the future landscape of the super flyweight division. As always in boxing, the outcome would depend on numerous factors such as preparation, strategy, and execution on fight night.

Jesse Rodriguez vs Juan Francisco Estrada Full Fight Replay

Jesse Rodriguez vs Juan Francisco Estrada Post Fight Interview

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