Jerwin Ancajas vs Israel Gonzalez Fight Replay

Jerwin Ancajas vs Israel Gonzalez Full Fight

February 03, 2018 Jerwin Ancajas vs Israel Gonzalez at Bank of America Center, Corpus Christi for the IBF World Super Flyweight Title

Jerwin Ancajas vs Israel Gonzalez

Jerwin Ancajas knocks down Israel Gonzalez in the very first round with his hard left hook that landed to the jaw of the challenger
The champions uses his good long right jabs throughout the fight to spoil Israel Gonzalez attacks, Gonzalez had his moments in the fight starting strong in the successding rounds but Ancajas always out landing the Challenger with these hard jabs, body shots and hard left hand from the Champion.

In round 10 Jerwin Ancajas stunned Gonzalez with a right hook and then Ancajas landed another hard left straight and down Israel Gonzalez goes again for the second time in the fight. Gonzalez gets up and beat the count but again Jerwin Ancajas Landed another hard left straight to the head of Gonzalez the fight is over referee waves off the count and stopped the fight.

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