Jayson Pagara vs Cesar Chavez Fight Replay


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Pinoy Pride 29 Fist of Fury Jayson Pagara vs Cesar Chavez

Pagara vs Chavez Pinoy Pride 29 Fist of Fury

Fight Highlights: Chavez down twice in Round 1 & once in Round 2.

Round by Round

Round 1 Both fighters started to jab in the center of the ring, Chavez circling around as Pagara, Body shot by Pagara, Pagara landed another left hook to the body and right hook to the head that put Cesar Chavez down. Chavez survival mode , Pagara landed another combination of left right to the body that sent Chavez to the canvas for the second time in the fight.

Round 2 Chavez moving around and staying away from trouble, chavez landed a left hook to the body, Pagara landed left hook, Chavez uses jab to stay away from Pagara, Left hook to the body landed for Pagra followed by overhand right, left hook to the chin and right hook to the head landed for Pagara, Chavez goes down again for the 3rd time in the fight. Cesar Chavez unable to get up and beat the count.

Fight Result: Jason Pagara won the fight by 2nd round Technical Knock Out

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