Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca Full Fight Replay


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August 26, 2016 Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas For the vacant IBF World Super Featherweight Title

Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca Fight Replay

Round 1 Davis started the round agressive landing good shots while Fonseca was on the defensive ends

Round 2 Fonseca landed some good bodyshots and headshots but Davis gets back at him in remaining seconds of the round

Round 3 Gervonta Davis landed head and body power combination while Fonseca was on the ropes Fonsceca answered back with hard left hand.
Good counter right by Fonseca, bodyshot by Fonseca hard left landed by Davis

Round 4 Unknowned boxer Francisco Fonseca was doing good so far he was able to take Davis hard shots
Davis puts his hands down and twice landed hard uppercut hard 1-2 landed by Fonseca that stops Davis showboating
Fonseca outlanding Davis in this round. Good round for Fonseca

Round 5 Davis started the round with left, Fonseca answered back with bodyshot, uppercut and left to the body landed for Fonseca, left hook by Fonseca, Davis loading up to the body Fonseca takes it well another right hook to the body by Davis, Good right hand by Davis.Close round

Round 6 Right straight landed by Fonseca, bodyshot scored by Davis, bodyshot by Fonseca right hook lande dby Davis, Hard bodyshot by Davis another good bodyshot by Davis – Good round for Davis

Round 7 Davis started the round with a jab, Hard right landed by Fonseca, Fonseca landed combination while davis was on the ropes, Fonseca throw combination while Davis got traped on the ropes again. Right head left uppercut landed by Davis

Round 8 Har dcounter left by Davis temporary stunned Fonseca, Davis landed a left hook that landed at the back of Fonseca’s head plus Davis push his head, Fonseca goes down was unable to continue

The Winner by controversial KO Gervonta Davis

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