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Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook Weigh In Results:

Gennady Golovkin 158.9
Kell Brook 159.4

Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook Fight
Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook Pre-Fight Review
Even though he heads into the match as an underdog having jumped two weight divisions, Kell Brook is confident that he can beat Gennady Golovkin in their upcoming duel. The 30 year old IBF welterweight champion from Sheffield is hoping to replicate Ray Leonard’s 1987 performance against Marvin Hagler.

Brook’s situation is almost similar to that of Leonard back then. To start with, Leo was a welterweight great just like Brook is. Secondly, Leo also jumped two weight categories to face a much feared opponent just like Brook is currently doing. The British boxer therefore has every right to identify with Leonard ahead of the gruelling contest that awaits him.

Can Brook really beat Golovkin?

When news broke that Brook would be taking on Kazakhstan’s Golovkin in the middleweight category, many observers and boxing followers were skeptical. They thought he had bitten more than he can chew. The question on everyone’s lips was how could he jump two whole categories and attempt to fight a man who clearly is the reigning king of middleweight?

Well, for the skeptics, Brook has answers. The Sheffield sportsman has told the media that he believes he might be more effective at 160 pounds than he has been at 147 pounds. He said he intends to use Leonard’s tactics such as speed, footwork and perfect boxes to bring the 34 year old Golovkin down. Whether these tactics will help him succeed or not will only be known on Saturday as the pair take on each other at London’s 02.

Brook has admitted fear

Brook has acknowledged that he fear facing Golovkin but that the fear is positive as it will help him be more alert during the fight. He described his rival as a big puncher whom nobody wishes to contend against. Brook also went ahead to say that Leonard had fear written all over his eyes as he faced the beastly Hagler and that the fear helped him remain focused.

Should Brook beat Golovkin in Saturday’s match, it will be an even bigger news in comparison to Leonard’s thrashing of Hagler. Golovkin has one of the highest numbers of knockouts in the world is also one of the world’s most feared boxers. He was once avoided by Canelo Alvarez of Mexico. Alvarez chose to forgo his WBC title rather than facing Golovkin.

Just like Golovkin, Hagler was also greatly feared by opponents in the 80s. He had gone unbeaten for 11 years until the unexpected defeat by the welterweight boxer Leonard.

Golovkin is the favorite to win

As the Briton and the Kazakhstani head to London’s 02 on 10th September, Golovkin is widely touted as the favorite to win. He has had a stellar year. He has won his last seven matches by knockouts and is credited with a total of 32 knockouts. He has also went unbeaten in 34 professional contests. With such kind of statistics, Saturday’s match clearly does appear to be in his favor.

Brook however stands a chance if he brings out his A game. He is unbeaten in 36 pro contests and has thrice managed to defend his IBF welterweight champion title. He is also counted among Britain’s 14 World boxing champions.

In addition to everything, he also has the advantage of being slightly heavier than his opponent. At the last weight check on September 3, he weighed 168lb. This is five pounds more than what Golovkin weighs. If he can make use of his strengths and remain focused throughout the game, he stands a chance in bringing down his middleweight category savvy opponent.

The world awaits to see how everything will pan out Saturday.

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