January 20, 2018 Errol Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson Barclays Center, Brooklyn for the IBF World Welterweight Title

Errol Spence Jr vs Lamonth Peterson Round by Round

Round 1
Errol Spence Landed a left hand to the head to start the round Petterson answered back with bodyshot. Double jab left to the body landed by Spence, Another bodyshot by Spence, Spence Jr ripping Peterson with bodyshots. Hard jabs uppercut landed for Spence. Good round for Spence Jr

Round 2 Spence Jr started the round with left to the body, Stiff jabs by Spence followed by bodyshot, Good countershot by Petterson, another hard bodyshots by Spence, left uppercut bodyshot by Spence, Petterson retreat, Hard left hook by Petterson Spence took it well, another bodyshot by Spence. Spence consistently attacking the body and its another good round for Spence Jr.

Round 3 Again Spence started the round with bodyshot, overhand left landed by Spence, counter left landed by Petterson, hard bodyshots again landed for Spence, Petterson landed hard bodyshot, Petterson landed another hard lefthook to the head, Spence complained according to him the shot landed behind his head, bodyshots again by Spence to end the round..

Round 4 Spence landed a jab Petterson countered him with left straight, another bodyshots by Spence referee warned Spence to keep the shots up. Left uppercut scored for Spence, left hook get thru the guard scored by Spence, Petterson landed hard shot right hand momentarily stunned Spence, Spence landed couple of hard left hand, another bodyshot combination by Spence. Another good round scored by Spence Jr he is outworking Petterson

Round 5 Lamont Petterson attacking Spence Jr, Spence answered back with hard shots combination, Down goes Petterson from Spence bodyshot combination followed by left hook hard right hand by Spence, Petterson continue to fight back, but Spence punching power is too much for him uppercut landed by Spence, Petterson was about to go but still he manage to land hard shots and survived the round

Round 6 Double straight counter right landed for Peterson, Spence continue to pressure, bodyshot combinatioon by Spence, Left straight right to the body landed for Spence, Another 3 punch combo by Spence, hard left hook landed by Peterson, left straight right hook landed for Spence, Hard left landed by Spence. Another good round for Spence Jr

Round 7 Peterson started the round with left left hook, hard right jabs by Spence, right hook landed for Petterson, hard right hook to the body landed by Spence, Spence now using angles to land more shots, double jabs landed by Peterson, Left uppercut landed by Spence, double jab uppercut by Spence jr, Spence ended the round with 3 punch combination.

The fight has been stopped! Petterson’s corner have seen enough punishment, Peterson had his moments but its not enough to win a round. Errol Spence Jr is too strong for him but you got to admire Peterson’s warrior mentality he don’t want to stop and still want to continue.

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