December 05, 2020 Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia at AT&T Stadium, Arlington for the following titles:
World Boxing Council World Welter Title
International Boxing Federation World Welter Title

Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia Round by Round

Round 1 Round 1 Spence pressing forward right jab to the body landed by Spence, right hand to the body by Garcia, combination by Spence, Garcia countered him with right hand, bodyshot by Spence, another jab to the body by spence, good left hand by Spence,

Round 2 Jabs landed by Spence, Right hand to the body landed by Garcia, Nice left hand by Spence, Another left hand by Spence sliced thru Garcia’s gloves, Right hook by Garcia caught Spence off balance, Garcia landed right hook to end the round.

round 3 Spence started the round landing jabs, Right hand landed by Garcia, Garcia went down on his own, hard left hand to the body by Spence, Garcia fell off balanced, body shot by Garcia, bodyshot again by Spence, Good Jabs by Spence.

Round 4 Double Jab by Spence, bodyshot by spence, Spence presuring Garcia now, hand left to the body by Spence, Spence controlling the fight with his jabs, hard bodyshot by Garcia, Jab to the body by Spence, More jabs from Spence, Right hook bodyshot by Garcia.

Round 5 Spence started the rounds again with jabs, Right hook to the body landed by Spence, Hard bodyshot by Garcia, Hard left hand by Spence, both fighters traded bodyshots,

Round 6 Jab by Spence Hard bodyshot by Garcia, bodyshots by Spence, double jab by Spence, uppercut hook landed by Garcia, Hard jab by Spence, left hand counter by Spence.

Round 7 Garcia predicted it will be 7th round Ko, Both boxer traded bodyshots, double jab by Spence, bodyshot by Spence counter by Garcia, left hook to the body by Garcia, bodyshot again by Spence, accidental headbutt, Garcia landed to bodyshot to end the round

Round 8 Spence works inthe jabs again, hook to the body by GArcia, bodyshot by spence, more bodyshots from spence, counter right by Garcia, bodyshots by Spence, Spence cornered Garcia Spence landing at will, double jab left the body landed for Spence.

Round 9 Right jab landed for Spence, double jabs by Spence, Right hand landed by GArcia, another double jab landed by Spence, bodyshot by Garcia, Jab Left hand by Spence, duble jab again by Spence its hitting the mark.

Round 10 Spence landed jabs and bodyshot, bodyshot by GArcia, right hand by GArcia, Garcia outlanding Spence in this round, bodyshot by Spence, Spence giving out this round

Round 11 Spence started the round landing Jab, double jab by spence, hard left by Spence, Hard Right hand to the body by Garcia,combinatin by Spence head and body. combination by Spence to the body double left to the body by Spence, Right hand by Garcia, bodyshot by Garcia.

Round 12 Jab landed for Spence Right hook by Spence, double hook by Spence, right hand by Garcia, right hook to the body by Spence bodyworrk by Spence, bodyshot by Spence, Counter Right by Garcia.

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