“Health is wealth,” as most people say. Even people who do not practice boxing do boxing workout routine just to bring the right edges and bulks in their bodies. How does boxing help? Just like other sports, the mere jabs and punches will bring sweats. You plan for a program and make it a routine. It can be fun as long as it is not overdone. Come to think of it, there are a lot of machineries to use for work out but if you dream to become a boxer in your own solace, check out the following tips to make it really worthwhile:

• Warming up
A slow jog while enjoying the corners of your room and incorporating jumping jacks will start your program. Like in driving, you start the car and warm it up before you finally make it rev. This will enable your body to accommodate the movement and adjust to the changing activity. This can be done for 5 minutes.
• Stretching
A five minute stretching alone in your room. Stretch the upper limbs with flexion and extension of elbow and shoulders. The trunk can be flexed and extended by bending after 10 holds, make a rotatory movement using a hoola hoop. The lower limb will be stretched by flexing the knee joint and extending it. This goes the same with the hip joint. Hip internal and external rotation is done by putting the leg and thigh on the midline and stretching it away.
• Jumping rope
The use of jumping rope is not new anymore. This has been one of the favorite child’s play and is used for exercise and training.
• Punches
Punch left for 2 minutes and do it in the right with the same minutes. Now, make the alternate punches while subsequently hopping. This trims and strengthens the arm and upper arm.
• Boxing Twist
There are many things you can use for grip when you twist your trunk. The favorite household things used for this are towels and broom sticks. All you have to do is twist from left to right for 5 minutes.
• Push ups
Who can ever forget how to do the push up right? It is still the same. Are flexed and stretched with the palm pushing on the floor while the toes are stationary holding the weight of the lower limb. After 10 counts, you are ready for another drill. If you want some fun, maybe a favorite comic strip can be placed at eye level.
• Squatting
A ten count squat can give you an almost ending program. Incorporate hand movements to deviate hardships on weight pressure on the thigh and knees.
• Stretching
It will be important to go back to stretching to let the joints and muscle accommodate flexibility. If you want to have fun, tune in a good music and dance while you stretch.
• Cool down
As the music fades down, so are you as you stretch. You can do a slow jog or a rhythmic dance as the music finally fades.
Always remember never overdo your boxing workout routine!

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