February 24, 2018 Donnie Nietes vs. Juan Carlos Reveco at Forum, Inglewood CA, USA for the IBF World Flyweight Title

Longest reigning Filipino boxing Champion Donnie ‘Ahas’ Nietes fought title challenger Juan Carlos Reveco for the IBF World Flyweight Title at Forum, Inglewood.

The Filipino champion showed his experience and excellent boxing skills and systematically broke down the challenger and stopped Reveco in the 7th round.

In the dying seconds of round 6 Nietes landed combination that stunned Reveco before the bell rings. Reveco was wobbly while going back to his corner.

In the first minute of round 7 Nietes landed a combination that put the challenger down, Reveco hasn’t recovered yet from the shots he took in the 6th round, he tried to get up and beat the count but he was not in condition to continue his corner stopped the fight.

Whats next for Nietes?
Donnie Nietes expressed his desire to fight Roman Gonzalez next.
Gonzalez last fought Rungvisai and lost by knock out for the first time in his career. At this point of Roman Gonzalez career I think it should be better for him to retire but if he resided to fight again and fight Nietes I think the Filipino will take him apart and stop him in he later rounds but still Gonzalez is a great boxer and fighter but I doubt he could recover from that knock out loss.

Another fight for Nietes would be a unification fight against fellow champion and undefeated Daigo Higa from Japan.
Nobody goes the distance yet with this Japanese boxer.
he stopped all his 15 opponents yeah you heard it right this boxer from Japan have 100% knock out wins. Im pretty sure Higa is a very dangerous fight for Nietes.

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