May 05, 2018 David Haye vs Tony Bellew 2 Rematch at O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich

Tony Bellew once again defeated David Haye by stoppage.

In round 3 with 30 seconds remaining in the round David Haye throw a 3 punch combo but Bellew was able to make him missed these shots, Bellew countered him with hard left to the head which force Haye to back out, Bellew and Haye traded shots with 20 seconds remaining in the roud, Bellew’s hard right to the chin puts down Haye for the first time in the fight.

Haye gets up and beat the count but he doesn’t look good with the first knock down it looks like Haye’s injury re occurred once again, Haye tried to fight back but Bellew landed another solid right followed by left hook and down goes Haye for the second time in the fight.
Haye losses his lateral movement and have no choice but to fight Bellew toe to toe.

In round 5 Haye throws left and right but missed, Bellew countered him with hard left hook, down goes Haye again, Haye gets up and beat the count but Bellew jumps in and went for the kill, catching Haye with flurry of punches while Haye was trapped on the ropes. Referee stopped the fight, time of stoppage 2 minutes and 14 seconds in the 5th round.

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